The germination of cannabis seeds

There are several germination methods and most of them work fine. We have done several germination tests and have had the best results with the germination method below. Germination is a painstaking task and even a small error can greatly reduce the germination rate.

Make sure to read and follow the following instructions carefully. Work cleanly and tidily and take time over each step. Even if you have experience with germinating, small mistakes can take place. Usually seeds germinate without problems. If you are having difficulty germinating, follow the instructions below carefully.

1: Put the seed between wet tissues in a bowl.
2: Mineral water with pH between 6 and 7 is better than tap water or rainwater.
3: Cover the bowl with plastic wrap so that it remains moist.
4: Check it daily for moisture.
5: Germination is best at a temperature between 21 and 25 degrees.
6: After 3 to 7 days the seed bursts open and a root will grow.
7: If the root is visible, the seed can be planted.
8: Put the seed with the root a half centimetre into the soil.
9: The seed will reappear between 2 to 3 days.Put the seeds between multiple wet tissues in a dish.