Germinating Cannabis Seeds

The germination of cannabis seeds is something everyone does in their own way. There are several germination methods and most of them work fine. We have done several germination tests and have had the best results with the germination method below. Germination is a painstaking task and even a small error can greatly reduce the germination rate. Therefore, read the information from this blog carefully to make sure your cannabis seeds will germinate.

Germinating Cannabis Seeds in All kinds of Ways

At Dutch-Headshop you can find a lot of information and tools when it comes to germinating cannabis seeds. We've written blogs on this subject before. Take a look at the articles below for different germination methods and useful tips in case it didn't work out. Need tools? Check out the special products for germinating.

In this article we will discuss the two germination methods that work best. As said, we have tested all germination methods extensively ourselves. The biggest chance to successfully germinate is by using cotton wool and trays, or the coffee filter method.

Germinating Cannabis Seeds with Cotton Wool and Germinate Trays

We have the best experiences with this method. Make sure to read and follow the following instructions carefully. Work cleanly and tidily and take time over each step. Even if you have experience with germinating, small mistakes can take place. Usually seeds germinate without problems. If you are having difficulty germinating, maybe then the Spongepot or the Seed Germination Kit from Dutch-Headshop is something for you. But, you can also follow the instructions below to increase the chance that your seeds will germinate successfully:

  1. Fill a glass with water and place the cannabis seed in the glass. Soak for about 8 hours.
  2. Put the seed between wetcotton wool in a bowl or germination tray. Keep out of direct sunlight.
  3. Mineral water with pH between 6 and 7 is better than tap water or rainwater.
  4. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap so that it remains moist.
  5. Check it daily for moisture.
  6. Germination is best at a temperature between 21 and 25 degrees.
  7. After 2 to 4 days the seed bursts open and a root will grow.
  8. If the root is visible, the seed can be planted.
  9. Put the seed with the root a half centimetre into the soil.
  10. The seed will reappear between 2 to 3 days.Put the seeds between multiple wet tissues in a dish.

Instruction Video Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Germinating Cannabis Seeds with a Coffee Filter

Another good method with which we always germinate successfully is by using a coffee filter. It is very easy. All you need is a flat plate, a coffee filter, a large grip bag and a bottle of Spa Blue. And oh yeah, a cannabis seed comes in handy too, of course! Read the steps below carefully and we're sure you'll be able to put a germinated cannabis seed in the earth within a few days.

  • Also with this method, first fill a glass with water and place the cannabis seed in the glass. Soak for about 8 hours.

  • Grab a bottle of Spa Blue (has a good pH value) and wet the coffee filter completely. It should be moist all the way through, but not full of water. Allow the coffee filter to drain for 1 second and then place it on a flat plate.

  • Open the filter and put the cannabis seeds with the pointy side down into the filter (you are going to hang the coffee filter). The seed will burst open at the pointy side.

  • Close the coffee filter so that the cannabis seeds are completely covered. Now carefully put the coffee filter in a large grip bag and close the bag with the closing strip. Make sure that the pointy side of the seed is pointing downwards.

  • Find a dark and warm place between 21 and 25 degrees Celsius. Hang the grip bag here with a piece of tape for example.

  • After 2 to 4 days, the cannabis seed should have germinated. Carefully take the cannabis seeds out of the coffee filter and put them with the root down into the earth (about half a centimeter below the earth). After two to three days you will see a seedling appear!

The advantage of this method is that the root that grows out of the cannabis seed always points in the right direction. By nature, the root should grow downwards. This is stimulated by hanging up the grip bag and putting the seed in the right way in the coffee filter. Watch the video below for a handy explanation.