Overdrive | Bloom Booster (Advanced Nutrients) 250 ml

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With Overdrive from Advanced Nutrients it is never too late to increase your yield. This powerful bloom booster is perfectly suited for the last few weeks of the bloom phase. With the balanced nutrients in this supplement you can release more energy for the buds of your weed plant. This makes them bigger, heavier and tastier. Overdrive therefore increases yield, but also provides more terpene and resin production. Your buds will become sticky, resulting in very potent weed at the end of the ride. Pro tip: do not give any more supplements or nutrition in the last week before the harvest. This is called "flushing" and leads to the best taste!

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Even when you're already using a bloom booster like Big Bud, your plants still need a little something extra. The life cycle of a weed plant is in fact determined by both genetics and environmental factors. Therefore, a weed plant will naturally do its best to reproduce. But once the flowers are ripe, like a woman in menopause, she will devote less energy to reproduction.

Advanced Nutrients Overdrive

With Overdrive from Advanced Nutrients you ensure that your weed plant, against its own nature, continues to invest energy in reproduction. In grower's language: your buds will continue to grow even after the peak. "Overdrive" is therefore the best name for this late bloom booster. This stuff puts your plant into top gear mode when it should already be too late. 

Whether you combine Overdrive with Big Bud (recommended products) or not, Overdrive will increase your production and make your buds thicker for harvest. With Big Bud, your yield will be even higher!

Bloom Booster for weed plants

Why would you choose a bloom booster if you already have special bloom nutrients? Bloom nutrients such as pH Perfect Sensi Bloom provide for the basic needs of your plant. Supplements like these make sure that your plant is ready for any demanding grower. A bloom booster is like Viagra. You send extra nutrients to the reproductive organs of your weed plants: the flowers. This not only makes your buds thicker and fuller, it also makes them pop with the substances that make weed taste so good. The result? A bigger number on your scales and first-class home-grown weed.

What do you use Advanced Nutrients Overdrive for?

Overdrive is a weed nutrient supplement that you use alongside pH Perfect Sensi Bloom. Ideally in the weeks after giving Big Bud. Overdrive is suitable for all growth mediums.

Advanced Nutrients Overdrive User Manual

Give 2 ml Overdrive per liter of water per plant, starting from the 5th week of the blooming phase. Give Overdrive:

  • every other watering when growing in soil,
  • every watering when growing on coconut fiber,
  • or change your nutrient water every week for hydro systems.

Stop giving Overdrive and all other nutrients and supplements in the last week before harvest. This "flushing" increases the quality and taste experience of your weed.

About Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients is a Canadian company of founder and owner Big Mike Straumietis that specializes in plant nutrition for weed plants. Advanced Nutrients' strictly scientific formulas are built on years of experience and the development of other products in the grow world such as ventilation and climate control. Five academics with phD's worked for years on the plant nutrition that you can now buy in our web shop. Advanced Nutrients has been featured in prestigious magazines such as Playboy, Forbes and Rosebud and appeared on TV at CNN, Showtime, CBS and even the weed television series Weeds.

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Brand Advanced Nutrients
Content 250 ml
Substrate / Medium Coconut Fibre, Hydro / Aero, Soil
Suitable for organic grow? No
Composition Liquid
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I've used this one before when I forgot to add some exrta's during early flowering stages. Used it in combination with BAC nutrients and got big yields with Super Silver Haze, which I grow every year. Highly recommended.
Review by Frank

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