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A beauty both on paper and in the grow room. Look at her characteristics and you are already sold. Auto Skywalker can contain over 25% THC after harvesting and curing. The weed has a distinctive flavor and an amazing effect. It hits like a bomb! To cut half a kilo of weed from Auto Skywalker all you need is plenty of light and 12 weeks. Growing experience is hardly necessary with this strong plant. Order seeds at the best price and get started right away with the free germination kit.

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One of the strongest autoflowers in our garden and easy to grow too. Auto Skywalker seeds have nothing but advantages.

Characteristics Auto Skywalker Strain:

  • Genius cross between Skywalker and Auto Amnesia.
  • Extreme potency: 25% THC or higher
  • Explosive taste: spicy, fruity and floral
  • Up to 500 grams per square meter
  • From seed to harvest in 11-12 weeks

Flavor and Effects Auto Skywalker Weed

This Auto Skywalker weed will make your taste buds go wild. Smoking or vaping provides a complex aroma of flowers, herbs and sweet fruit. It's got everything in it! She clearly gets the effect from her sativa genetics and the brutal THC percentage of 25% or higher. The high pops in fast and hard. After recovering from the uplifting start, you can sit back and relax.

Growth and Yield 

This is a sativa strain that can tolerate a lot of light. As a result it has the potential to reach great heights. Outdoors our Auto Skywalker can easily reach 1.5 meters. Because she produces relatively large buds, 300 grams per plant is possible. She will need a good 12 weeks to do so. Indoors she will also do fine with up to half a kilo per square meter. 

Growing tips from Dutch-Headshop

Give her as much light as you can from the growing phase on. She can take it and the yield will be good. If you have enough space, try growing her in a Sea of Green setup. 

Specifications Auto Skywalker Weed Seeds:

  • Genetics: Auto Auto Skywalker (Auto Skywalker x Auto Amnesia)
  • Indica / Sativa: sativa-dominant 
  • Location: Growing indoors, growing outdoors and growing in a greenhouse
  • Flowering period indoors: 8-9 weeks
  • From seed to harvest: 11-12 weeks
  • Flavor: Fruity, spicy and floral
  • Effect: Strong high, energetic, uplifting and invigorating
  • THC: 25%.
  • CBD: 0.1%.
  • Seeds: 1, 3 or 5 feminized seeds
  • Yield indoors (fresh): 500 grams per square meter under ideal conditions
  • Yield outdoors (fresh): 300 grams per plant under ideal conditions
  • Autoflowering: yes

*The above data are averages.

Includes Free Germination Kit

With any purchase of our house brand weed seeds, a germination kit is supplied as standard. From us, to you. Completely free of charge! Useful if you don’t yet have anything at home for the germination process or are experiencing difficulty with it. It’s bound to work with our gift. The kit consists of:

  • Plastic bag to germinate in
  • A coffee filter
  • Manual (NL & EN)
  • Stick-in labels for the planter

Germination Guarantee

All our cannabis seeds are of excellent quality. However, cannabis seeds are natural products, and despite the best care, it can happen that one of your seeds does not want to sprout. Do you want the certainty that all your seeds will germinate? Choose our private label seeds, as they come with a free germination guarantee!

How the germination guarantee works:

  1. Order Dutch-Headshop private label cannabis seeds.
  2. Follow our advice on how to germinate.
  3. Germinate your seeds within 30 days of receiving them.
  4. Did it not germinate? Send an email:
    • Provide your order number.
    • Tell us how you tried to germinate.
    • Send photos of all seeds that did not germinate.

Are you entitled to replacement of the seeds you purchased?

  1. You may choose one type of seed from our private label range as a replacement.
  2. We will send new seeds to replace the ones that didn't germinate.

We believe our private label seeds are top-notch. And we prove it with the Dutch-Headshop germination guarantee. Advice, certainty, and service.

Private Label

Would you like to cultivate weed and are you looking for quality seeds at a competitive price? Then our House Brand weed seeds are your best choice. House brand weed seeds are high quality but economical in comparison with big brands. Follow our included germination instructions for best results.

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Brand Dutch-Headshop
Family (Genetics) Sativa Dominant
Type Haze
Gender and Autoflower Autoflower and Feminised
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor, outdoor and greenhouse
From seed to Harvest (Autoflower) 10-11 weeks
Average Flowering Time 9-10 weeks
Average height 50-100 cm
Maximum Height (approximately) 170
Harvest month May to August (Autoflower)
Difficulty Easy Plants
Effects Energetic, Strong High, Uplifting
Mood Evening, Motivating
Taste Flowers, Fruity, Savoury
Max. Yield Indoor (grams / m2) 500
Max. Outdoor yield (gram / plant) 300
THC percentage (average) 25
CBD percentage (average) 0.10
Rich in CBG
THC:CBD Ratio More THC than CBD
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