Summer is approaching and that means the festival season will soon be upon us. More to the point - the first festivals have already started. No doubt many smart drug enthusiasts have already bought tickets so they’ll be able to have a fantastic time this summer. It’s no secret any more that things are being used at festivals to make the days even more fun. That’s because the majority of festival-goers want to give themselves up to higher planes and have a body full of energy. With that in mind, we have put together a top 5 of smart drugs which will ensure you of an unforgettable event during the festival season.

1. Nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, has become an intrinsic part of festivals. A festival without laughing gas would be considered by many to not be a party at all. A balloon here and there is simply a given. It feels like you’re missing out if you can’t do a balloon at a festival. King’s Day was perhaps the clearest confirmation of this. There were balloons on every street corner in Amsterdam for enjoying today’s most popular drug. This is why laughing gas is our number 1. And we do, of course, have nitrous oxide products in stock with which you can fill your laughing gas balloons.

But please don’t forget to throw away your capsules neatly in the rubbish bin! Thank you!

2. Party Pills

When you visit a festival it’s likely that you will see festival-goers really getting into it. In other words, they are entering higher spheres. This is by no means a new phenomenon because the use of XTC or MDMA at festivals has been happening for decades already. It’s not legal and it’s being strictly checked for on entry to festivals. Nevertheless many people manage to smuggle it in. And once inside they are completely free with far fewer controls. We do not, of course, sell any products which are illegal but we do have party pills which resemble the effects of Ecstasy and are completely legal. Think for example of the MDNX Nitro Ecstasy capsules or the Ultimate X Nitro Ecstasy capsules and get out of your head in a safe and legal way.

3. Energy pills

Most people can cope with a few hours at a party but a festival is a long day. Festivals usually start early in the afternoon and finish around midnight. Some festivals even last all weekend. It’s essential then that you have enough energy during the event. Obviously you don’t want to cave in around dinner time and miss half the festival. It would be a shame to waste the expensive ticket and miss out on some of the experience of the festival itself. Do you have enough energy in yourself and know for sure that you can keep going strong for the whole day. That would be great, of course. There are though plenty of festival-goers who can’t manage to dance and party all day long. We have the solution for those people in stock: an extensive range of energy products. By taking one or more energy capsules you can keep going all day. These products are of course completely legal and safe to use.

4. Herbs for Tripping

Trip herbs may not be the first substances that come to mind when you’re going to a festival but it’s certainly possible to use trip herbs there. And even after the festival you can have a good trip with these. A lot of people find it better to take these herbs at an after-party. The reasons for this are quite simple. At a festival you want to consciously experience everything and that’s not always the case with trip herbs. Moreover, during tripping you are sensitive to your environment. A busy environment with loud music and loads of people around you is definitely not ideal for some trip herbs. At the same time, not every festival is the same. Some of them take place in large parks or forests that have a peaceful atmosphere, fewer people and less intrusive music. These festivals are really suited to trip herbs. Make sure though that you’re with people you know and trust, and preferably have one person who stays sober. Ashwagandha, LSA seeds and psychedelic smart drugs are examples of popular trip substances.

5. Relaxation Herbs

For festival-goers who mainly want to have a relaxed and chilled day there are relaxation herbs. Ideal for festivals with lovely weather and an easy-going atmosphere. Together with a nice drink, you can chill out even more with relaxation herbs and enjoy a beautiful day. Although from this top 5, relaxation herbs are the least suitable for getting out of your head that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a great festival. Because relaxing with your group of friends can be just as pleasant. An additional advantage of relaxation herbs is that the day after is less onerous. As long as you don’t have too much to drink, any hangover will be a lot less than you might expect. A social smart drug like Kanna and a relaxing substance like Valerian can produce a feeling of togetherness and relaxation.

Whatever you have in mind when going to a festival, we have everything in stock for you to make it a great and entertaining festival. With our smart drugs you will experience a festival like never before!