Windproof Lighter Soft Black (Clipper)

Windproof Lighter Soft Black (Clipper)
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Are you looking for a good windproof lighter that’s proof against rain, wind and all other weather conditions? How about this storm lighter from Clipper. The famous brand for top quality gas lighters now has one for use outside. In actual fact, you get everything you’re used to apart from a replaceable flint. Of course, you don’t need that for a torch lighter. Naturally, you can adjust the flame, refill it with lighter gas, and it’s as robust as all the other Clipper lighters. In contrast to most other windproof lighters, this one fits comfortably in your pocket. Thinking of buying a storm lighter? This is the one to get!



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Thinking of Buying a Storm Lighter?

Are you often outside and experiencing difficulty lighting your cigarette, roll-up or joint? Give this storm lighter from Clipper a try. The Jet Flame on this torch lighter is super hot and proof against wind, rain, storm and anything else you come across along the way. Just like all the other models from this brand, this windproof Clipper lighter is nice and strong and won’t break quickly. Most other storm lighters are quite large but this one just fits in your pocket. If it runs out of fuel after you’ve used it for weeks, you can easily refill it with lighter gas (recommended products).


  • Clipper windproof lighter: top quality
  • Storm lighter (torch)
  • Can be used in the wind, rain, storm and all other weather conditions.
  • Refillable
  • Soft Body which feels nice in the hand
  • Easily fits in your pocket
  • Format: 2.4 x 7.5 cm

Clipper Lighter Soft

This windproof lighter from Clipper has something special. The outside is made of a rubber Soft Body. The cover is non-slip and feels soft. That way he doesn't fall off the table quickly and feels great in the hand. Curious? Order today and have them at home tomorrow.

About Clipper

Clipper is one of the most famous and best lighter brands in the world and is part of Flamagas S.A. The first Clipper lighter was designed in Barcelona in 1970. The renowned designer Enric Sarda produced a design that is still recognised decades later. Clipper lighters are known for their round shape and liftable gearwheel. They are environmentally friendly because you can replace both the flint and the fuel so you never have to throw it away. Clippers are sold all over the world and are absolutely top quality.

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Customer Reviews

In this heinous weather, having a blue flame is truly important. This lighter does exactly as advertised. Tested it during a British storm, so it must be good elsewhere as well. :D
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Review by Donovan Price / (Posted on 09/01/2020)

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