Clipper Flints System 3 pieces

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Clipper Flints suitable for all Clipper lighters. Not just the flint but the entire system. Including gearwheel and holder! Safe for children and good for 3000 ignitions. Is your Clipper out of action? You can put it right in a few seconds with this. For sale per three pieces for a modest price!

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Clipper Flints | System for Clipper Lighters

Handy Clipper flints for Clipper lighters. You don’t just get a universal flint when you buy. You will be sent the entire Clipper flint system. Thus: inclusive of gearwheel and holder. No fake junk, just a 3-pack of the official brand.

Is your Clipper lighter or your flint out of action, lost or worn out? You can fix it in no time at all with these replacement Clipper flints.

About Clipper

Clipper is one of the most famous and best lighter brands in the world and is part of Flamagas S.A. The first Clipper lighter was designed in Barcelona in 1970. The renowned designer Enric Sarda produced a design that is still recognised decades later. Clipper lighters are known for their round shape and liftable gearwheel. They are environmentally friendly because you can replace both the flint and the fuel so you never have to throw it away. Clippers are sold all over the world and are absolutely top quality.

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Clipper Flints System 3 pieces

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