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This Hemp Wick from RAW is a healthy alternative to lighters. Lighter wick made from hemp and beeswax with which you can light up your joint, cigarette or bong. When you use a ‘normal’ lighter your are constantly exposed to butane gas and chemicals from your lighter. Lighting up with Hemp Wick on the other hand is 100% natural and much better for your health. Hemp Wick from RAW is available in small (3 metres) and large (6 metres) format. The hemp used for this product is 100% organically grown without pesticides. There’s simply no better way to ignite your joint or bong!

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Hemp Wick from RAW

Hemp Wick is a lighter wick made from hemp plants and beeswax. You can use it for lighting your joint, cigarette, bong or even a water pipe. Using Hemp Wick is much healthier than lighting with ‘normal’ lighters. They expose you over and over again to butane gas and other chemicals. Hemp Wick is 100% natural and thus the healthiest way in which to light up your joint or anything else. Yet another plus point: instead of gas, you taste and smoke nothing apart from weed when you light up your joint.

Available in small (3 metres) and large (6 metres) format. The Hemp Wick is supplied in the form of a firework firecracker. Not really surprising: you can use the lighter wick for fireworks.

Organic Lighting Wick

The hemp plants used for this Hemp Wick are 100% organic and sustainably cultivated. The hemp is sown, grown, harvested and dried all in a traditional manner. Without any chemical or pesticide intervention.

To use the lighter wick, you light the end and turn the wick to get the flame under control.


  • Healthier than lighters
  • No exposure to butane gas and chemicals
  • 100% natural
  • No wind in the flame so no going out
  • RAW Hemp Wicks in 3 and 6 metres

About RAW

RAW is one of the largest smoking brands in the world. The brand makes only natural and environmentally friendly products. They are gluten-free, chlorine-free and not made from genetically modified plants. 100% vegan-friendly. In RAW’s range you will find authentic and non-refined smoking materials such as rolling papers, tips, cones, rolling trays and accessories. Through its range, RAW endeavours to create a true smoker’s lifestyle and thus features a lot of merchandising products. As well as the smoking materials and merchandise, there is also a genuine RAW Foundation which promotes equality for all mankind. The foundation organises different charitable projects in poor countries.

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Brand RAW
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Thought this was going to be a bit of a sham. turns out to be better than expected. Tokes are softer to the palate.
Review by Kevin

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