Mascotte Lighter (Clipper)

Mascotte Lighter (Clipper)

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A Clipper lighter is super easy to use. They never break, the flint is easy to replace, you can regulate the height of the flame and they are refillable. This Clipper is made in collaboration with the quality brand Mascotte. Two giants from the world of smoking accessories in one product!

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Mascotte lighter by Clipper

Mascotte is one of the oldest smoking brands in the world. No wonder they partner with other major players in the industry. Because if you want the best lighter, of course you go for Clipper. Buy your super chill Clipper lighter with Mascotte print with us. Extra sharply priced. 

Tip: pull the wheel to remove the flint. Use the stick to light your joint and hold the lighter at an angle to increase the flame!


  • Simple Clipper lighter of top quality
  • ~ Light 3000 times
  • Refillable
  • Flint can be replaced
  • With imprint of the Dutch smokers brand Mascotte
  • Format: 1,6 x 7,4 cm

About Clipper

Clipper is one of the most famous and best lighter brands in the world and is part of Flamagas S.A. The first Clipper lighter was designed in Barcelona in 1970. The renowned designer Enric Sarda produced a design that is still recognised decades later. Clipper lighters are known for their round shape and liftable gearwheel. They are environmentally friendly because you can replace both the flint and the fuel so you never have to throw it away. Clippers are sold all over the world and are absolutely top quality.

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Mascotte Lighter (Clipper)

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