Butane Gas Zero Impurities (Black Leaf) 300 ml

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Butane Gas Zero Impurities (Black Leaf) 300 ml
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You want to refill your lighter? Then choose Colibri's lighter refill 300 ml. The Premium Butane Gas is of high quality and flammable. It contains no impurities and is also suitable to extracting hash oil or BHO. Suitable as a refill for gas lighters. Read the instruction manual so you know the instructions for refilling. The total content is 300 ml and it weighs 245 grams. It has a size of 24 cm length with a 5 cm diameter.
Black Leaf


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Canister Butane Gas / Lighter Gas

Black Leaf Premium butane gas is without impurities. Of high quality, flammable and suitable for all refillable gas lighters. This butane gas has no impurities and is therefore very suitable for the extraction of BHO or hash oil. By spraying the gas on a clean mirror you can test if any contaminations remain on the mirror. Only pure butane gas is suitable for BHO. Read our BHO making blog for more information.


  • Canister butane gas without impurities
  • Suitable as a lighter gas or as a propellant for dabs making (BHO extraction)
  • Includes five different dosing adapters
  • Content: 300 ml

Refill for gas lighters

To use a refill for gas lighters: in the cap there are several adapters that make the spraying part fit on most of the lighters. Heat the lighter in your hand before filling and put the flame size low. Wait 10 seconds after filling before you use the lighter.

Extract BHO

BHO stands for Butane Hash Oil or Butane Hashish Oil. Other names for BHO are Butane Honey Oil, Blond Honey Oil or Blond Hash Oil. With the help of pure butane gas crystals THC is extracted from marijuana plants. The trichomes of the cannabis plant adhere to the butane solvent. By letting the butane evaporate again, a very concentrated, clean and almost pure hash oil remains.

Just like THC also other cannabidiods from the weed plant are extracted with this method, like CBD and various terpenoids and terpenes that provide smell and taste to the plant. Handy tools for the BHO extraction are the oil extractor, a silicone tray and more. For more information, see our blog.

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