Terpenes Extract Critical Jack (Harmony) 5 ml

Terpenes Extract Critical Jack (Harmony) 5 ml
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Have you always been fascinated by terpenes? In that case, Critical Jack Terpenes Extract from Harmony is a dead cert for you. Add terpenes to your weed or tobacco and get extra enjoyment from your daily smoke. Terpenes are the building blocks which give weed its taste, colour and aroma. The Terpenes Extract is 100% concentrated so you must always dilute it with olive oil, coconut oil or hemp seed oil. Just 1 drop will give your favourite herbs a special taste. A voyage of discovery for any smoker!



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Want to discover what’s special about terpenes? Now’s your chance. With Critical Jack Terpenes Extract from Harmony you’ll soon get to know the special qualities of terpenes.

  • Taste and aroma of Critical Jack weed
  • 100% concentrated
  • Add to herbs or tobacco
  • Gives that something extra to a standard joint
  • Handy, small bottle

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are the building blocks that give plants, fruit and also marijuana their characteristic smell, color and aroma. You will be surprised about the number of plants containing terpenes. Some plants contain so much of a certain terpene, that we find out that terpene actually smells like that plant. Take, for example, lavender, the purple herb bursting with linalool. And that wonderful pine fragrance? Correct, that is pinene! Terpenes and cannabinoids like CBD work together in a special synergy so you can benefit even more from the beneficial properties of CBD. 

Critical Jack

Critical Jack is a popular variety of weed among many cannabis smokers. That’s because Critical Jack is a combination of Critical+ and Jack Herer. Jack Herer was an American politician and big supporter of the legalisation of cannabis. In honour and appreciation of his work, a uniquely strong weed variety was named after him. This weed variety has become known for its dazzlingly powerful high. Connoisseurs call Critical Jack the champagne of weed varieties. And you can now find that taste in a resealable bottle!


You cannot use this product without diluting it. Use, for example, coconut oil, hemp seed oil or propylene glycol (PG), in all of which the terpenes dissolve very well. You don’t need very much and a 5 ml bottle will keep you going. These terpenes do not themselves contain any PG, VG (vegetable glycerin) or alcohol. 

How can you Use Terpenes?

You can have your cigarette taste of Critical Jack and get your house or room smelling like the coffee shop. But what we have found is that you can influence the effect of your high by dripping this Critical Jack on a heavy Kush joint, for example. We experienced a bigger effect in the head and were more active than without the terpenes. In other words, terpenes definitely have an effect on the total picture of weed - something referred to as the entourage effect.

A drop of terpenes in a cigarette or roll-up and you hardly taste the tobacco any more. And have you got any waste cuttings from your weed plant? If so you can make a great tasting joint by dosing a drop of Critical Jack from Harmony on a joint made from waste cuttings. You can also use your terpenes for dabbing or put a drop on herbs in a vaporizer. Or how about aromatherapy in a diffuser? As long as you dilute it, there are all kinds of applications that you can dream up!


You don’t need very much in order to notice the influence of Harmony terpenes. Because the terpenes extract is 100% concentrated, a few drops are enough to experience the effect of the Critical Jack aroma. The recommended dosage is 1 drop of terpenes added to your tobacco, weed or other herbs.


We repeat: these terpenes are pure and highly concentrated (100% terpenes). The labels on the product bear the warning ‘not to be inhaled’ or ‘not to be taken internally’. Terpenes in this pure form are dangerous. Obviously that means not always ‘safe’. Therefore you will have to dilute the terpenes.

Packaging contents

  • Bottle with 5 ml of pure terpenes

Keep airtight - Terpenes are highly volatile.

Meet Harmony

The British company Harmony aims to produce affordable cannabinoids and terpenes. Harmony’s vision is to improve people’s well being and help them to live in harmony with nature. At Harmony they use science, nature and an entrepreneurial mindset to enhance the quality of cannabinoids and terpenes, and make them available to everyone. 

Terpenes from Harmony meet strict quality requirements so you can be confident of getting only the best terpene profiles. The company makes uniquely high concentrations of terpene profiles. Harmony terpenes are food quality, unadulterated, unmodified genetically and of 100% vegetable origin.

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I've ordered all four of them, so I'll copy the review. I have to say that while each of them is quite sweet, they do vary a lot in their aromatic subtleties. And I did notice a change in my high! Didn't expect that at all, but it's there. The bottle can be closed up nicely too. No leaks whatsoever. All in all, I'd rate these terpenes 5 stars.
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Review by John Bishop / (Posted on 20/09/2019)

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