Gas for Making Hash Oil | Dimethyl Ether (Dexso) 500 ml

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Do you want to make the best hash oil? You can with dexso gas! This tube of dimethylether (DME) is the best alternative to butane gas. A purer end product is guaranteed. The gas is non-toxic and it contributes to both safety and the environment during the extraction process. You need a lot less gas (by roughly one third) and the process will go faster due to dimethylether’s special molecules. The way in which you produce hash oil stays exactly the same but the end product is better quality and produced more quickly. Advantage, advantage and one more time advantage! Please note: only use Dexso gas in metal oil extractors and do not leak on silicone. Read more about it in the product description.

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Dexso Gas

Dexso gas is the alternative to butane gas for making hash oil. The organic dimethylether gas (DME) has a guaranteed purity of 99.9% enabling you to definitely get purer hash oil after extraction. What’s more, using dimethylether is a lot more efficient than butane gas. The process goes faster and you need a good deal less (by approximately a third) to produce a bottle of hash oil. Dexso gas also contributes to safety. Dimethylether is less explosive than butane gas or lighter gas. In short: by far the best product for making hash oil.

Warning: use Dexso gas only in combination with metal oil extractors and PTFE foil. Silicone is not suitable.


Dimethylether or methoxymethane is a gaseous, organic compound that is often used as a propellant in aerosols. Dexso gas is non-toxic and not harmful to you or the environment. For that reason it is also widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Due to dimethylether’s special molecular form, the propellant can extract a large quantity at the same time. The quality and the purity of Dexso gas is approved by an independent laboratory which is certified by the Swiss government. So you should use dimethylether for making purer hash oil more efficiently!


  • Tube of propellant for use in making hash oil
  • Dexso gas based on dimethylether
  • Non-toxic
  • Purer end product
  • Faster extraction
  • Less gas needed 
  • Safer
  • Contents: 500 ml

Making Hash or Hash Oil

Do you want to make hash or hash oil yourself? That is easier than you think. With Dexso Gas and the other products from our "Hash Making" category, you can easily make your own hashish or hash oil. Use Dexso propellant gas in the Black Leaf Oil Extractor and drain the substance on PTFE foil (recommended products). Butane gas hash oil is also made with plastic extractors such as the Honey Bee Extractor, but dimethyl ether is not suitable for this. Just like silicone drip trays. These can be affected by this gas. Want to make your own hash oil, shatter or crumble within 24 hours? This is what you need.

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Gas for Making Hash Oil | Dimethyl Ether (Dexso) 500 ml

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