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With these Ice-O-Lator bags from Pollinator you can easily make your own Ice-O-Lator hash. This set contains 3 bags with a content of 200 grams per bag. They have a mesh size of 25µm, 70µm and 220µm. That's all you need to make good quality ice hash. By placing the Ice-O-Lator bags one by one in a bowl of ice water, you can filter THC-rich crystals out of weed or cutting waste. Read more about making Ice-O-Lator and using the Pollinator filter bags in the product description.

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Ice-O-Lator Bags from Pollinator

These filter bags are specially made for making Ice-O-Lator hash. The bags have different mesh sizes: 25µm, 70µm and 220µm. By first mixing weed and/or plant material with ice-cold water and then filtering it through all three bags, you can easily make your own ice hash. You do not need a machine like the Bubbleator (recommended products). You can make ice hash manually with these Ice-O-Lator bags.

Would you rather have a machine that does the dirty work for you? Pollinator can help you. Be sure to check out the Bubbleator.

Pure Water-and-Ice Extraction Method

The Ice-O-Lator is a single method based on the pure water and ice extraction method. By using two of three sieves, the crystal mass has become very pure. Waste and dust remain in the water. Important in the Ice-o-Lator process is a temperature of just above freezing point.

User manual Ice-O-Lator Bags

Before working with the ice-o-lator bags, put all the weed and/or plant material in a bucket of ice-cold water. Then add ice and beat everything with a mixer for about 15 to 30 minutes. Then let it all settle. During the settling the extraction takes place. 

Now take a new bucket and put in the Ice-O-Lator bags one by one. Start with the finest bag and finish with the chunkiest. You then fill this bucket with the mix from the other bucket. Stir well and remove the bags from the bucket one by one. Squeeze each bag well and then continue with the next. The last bag contains the extract you are going to use. Squeeze out all the remaining water and also check the outside of the bag. The extract that remains can be dried and later sieved or pressed with a hash press. For a detailed explanation see our blog: "Making Dabs Course Part 4: Making Ice-O-Lator Hash".

Specifications Pollinator Bags:

  • Ice-O-Lator bags from Pollinator
  • 3 pieces each with a different mesh size (25µm, 70µm and 220µm)
  • Material: plastic
  • Capacity per bag: 200 grams
  • Easily make Ice-O-Lator hash

Recommended Accessories - Not Supplied

You need a container to put the Ice-O-Lator bags in. You also need enough weed and/or cutting waste and ice water. Use a hand blender to stir through the container. Use a kitchen sieve to loosen up the crystals, so they can dry well (instead of becoming smelly and mouldy). Use a thermometer to get the optimal temperature for Ice-O-Lating. To press the Ice-O-Lator hash you use a hash press (recommended products).

Explanation of the different screen sizes:

  • 220µm enables the largest crystals to pass through, capturing dirt and twigs
  • 70µm captures all large crystals
  • 25µm micron captures the smallest crystals, where the active ingredients are still present
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