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Make your own cannabis oil, cannabis butter or edibles the easy and fast way with POT by NOIDS. This all-in-one device from the Netherlands is designed to make THC or CBD oil without the hassle. Plug in, add oil and cannabis and set the right programme. While you enjoy a movie or a game of gaming, your cannabis oil is automatically prepared. POT by NOIDS is the perfect solution for making high-quality cannabis products such as cannabis oil, cannabis butter, wax and decarboxylated cannabis. With the advanced Smart Heating Algorithm, you don't have to worry about temperature fluctuations, ensuring your THC and CBD are never lost. Clean, simple and plastic-free. POT by NOIDS offers an uncomplicated experience for any cannabis lover.

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Making cannabis oil, cannabis butter or edibles in the blink of an eye? With POT by NOIDS, you can quite literally make your own THC or CBD oil in the blink of an eye. Plug in, add oil, weed and set it to the right programme. Watch a movie or go play a game and your cannabis oil is ready to use.

  • POT by NOIDS: an electric all-in-one solution for making your own cannabis oil, cannabis butter, wax or decarboxylated cannabis.
  • Make THC oil, CBD oil, cannabis butter or wax by simply setting POT to the right setting.
  • High-quality materials, designed in the Netherlands, flawless end result.
  • Making cannabis oil has never been so simple.

Simple cannabis oil making

If you've ever made cannabis oil or edibles, then you know that you need to take into account the temperature and time of preparation. This is because the compounds THCA and CBDA present in cannabis need to be carefully converted into their active manifestations: THC and CBD. Whereas with other methods you have to be careful with the temperature setting, you turn POT by NOIDS on the right programme, a moment of patience and it's done. It really is that simple.

Operating POT by NOIDS

You can use POT by NOIDS to make the following cannabis products:

  • THC-rich cannabis oil or cannabis butter
  • CBD-rich cannabis oil or cannabis butter
  • Decarboxylated THC cannabis or CBD cannabis
  • Weed ethanol extract (wax)

POT by NOIDS decarboxylates, extracts, infuses and filters. It is the only device that does all this. Without spilling, without penetrating odour and without fuss. Just turn POT by NOIDS to the right setting, a moment of patience and it's done!

Smart Heating Algorithm

Weed has to be decarboxylated to make it into oil, butter or edibles. That's the process by which you convert inactive THCA into high-making THC. Only then can you get high from a space cake or cannabis oil. This is why fresh cannabis is put in the oven for a while before making edibles. The problem with ovens, however, is that you have to take into account big differences in temperature that ovens have. The temperature in an average oven fluctuates by as much as 10 degrees, causing your precious weed to get just a little too hot and lose potency or stay too cold and not fully convert your weed.

That is a thing of the past with POT by NOIDS. All knowledge and skill is flattened in one go by just setting POT to the right setting. Exactly the right temperature and duration are automatically calculated for you. And the temperature fluctuates within 1 degree Celsius. There is no oven that can do this! The result? Your THC and CBD never burn again!

Clean and Simple

Thanks to the handy double filter made of medical-grade steel, you simply drip the oil or butter into your pipette bottle after fully automatic preparation. No mess! And afterwards, the filter and cup simply go in the dishwasher.

No Fuss

POT by NOIDS has different programmes and, based on the content, weight and moisture percentage in your weed, calculates exactly how long and at what temperature those programmes should run. Just set it to the right setting and no more looking up schedules on the internet.

Until the Last Drop

There is a simple but ingenious pipette with POT by NOIDS which means no drop needs to be lost.


POT by NOIDS is made of high-quality materials. Everything is metal, food-grade silicone, medical stainless steel or laboratory glass. Even the packaging is plastic-free.

Packaging contents

  • POT by NOIDS
  • Glass measuring cup
  • Filter system (funnel + mesh)
  • Silicone lid
  • Pipette
  • Condenser

Frequently Asked Questions

What products can POT by NOIDS make?

Cannabis oil (THC oil), CBD oil, wax by ethanol extraction, cannabis butter and decarboxylated cannabis.

Do you need to decarboxylate cannabis before making cannabis oil?

Yes, we recommend. First, put your weed in POT and set it on the decarb setting. Once that programme is done, add a base oil of your choice and put POT on the oil infusion setting.

How much weed can you decarboxylate at a time?

15 grams for whole buds. 25 grams (250ml) if you finely crumble the buds with a grinder.

What is the yield? All CBDA and THCA are converted during decarboxylation. 5-10% is lost, which is very close to the theoretical maximum conversion. 90-95% of your weed is utilised and dissolved in the oil. If you make wax with alcohol, you extract almost 100% cannabinoids from your weed.

My weed has both THC and CBD. Which stand should I use?

  • If your weed has more CBD than THC: Use the CBD decarb and infusion modes.
  • Use the regular decarb and infusion modes if your weed contains more THC.

What oil can I use?

All edible oils. Olive oil, hemp seed oil, MCT oil, butter, coconut oil,...

Where can I buy alcohol for alcohol extraction?

Alcohol for consumption can only be sold at shops licensed to do so. Depending on where you live, you can often go to an online liquor store. Choose alcohol that is at least 95% pure ethanol. Important: never take cheap junk from the hardware store like isopropyl alcohol, but only alcohol suitable for consumption.

How strong is my extract or cannabis oil? That depends on your weed. A weed containing 20% THC will contain around 180mg THC per gram of extract or oil. This takes into account all possible losses.

How much should I take per dose? Just what you are used to and how heavily you want to dose. An average dose of edibles or cannabis oil contains between 5 and 40mg of THC. If you use 20% strong cannabis, you will need 0.05 to 0.4 grams of cannabis for that per dose. Useour edibles and spacecake calculator for a better calculation.

What temperatures does POT by NOIDS use?

  • CBD decarboxylation: 230° F / 110° C (120-180 minutes)
  • Regular decarboxylation: 239° F / 115° C (100-240 minutes)
  • CBD infusion: 212° F / 100° C (180-220 minutes)
  • Regular infusion: 212° F / 100° C (160-180 minutes)
  • Evaporation: maximum 215° F / 100° C
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Previously, in mid-November, we sat chilling after drying and curing weed from my buddy's garden. Traditionally, we sat crushing our own harvest, soaking it in alcohol and then vaporising it au bain marie (pan in pan of hot water). This was not only laborious, but also error-prone. We had even snapped up an old electric oven from marketplace to decarboxylate beforehand. That went wrong a few times. We had dark brown weed after 15 minutes that smelt like anything but weed!
Well those days are over. Now we have the noids. Popping weed in, setting decarboxylation and drinking beer. 2 beers later: "beep!" and done. Add oil (we did hemp seed oil for the omega 3s) and stand infusion. A few more beers then? No distinct cannabis smell; no fiddling with pans and burnt weed.... We had 150 ml of cannabis oil within 3 and a half hours and we did ZERO checking. Just waited for the beeps and the discolouration of the LEDs.
And the cannabis oil? Super pure! No bits, but mercilessly strong. I take half a pipette (from a 50ml bottle) instead of ibuprofen when I have back pain. 4 half pipettes and I can hardly talk and everything is funny. :D

I don't want to go back! We use the jar by noids once a year, but it's sooooo worth it.
Review by Daniel

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