Joint Filter Tips | Smart Filter 7 mm (Rolls) 50 pieces

Joint Filter Tips | Smart Filter 7 mm (Rolls) 50 pieces
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With a Rolls Smart Filter you can smoke old-fashioned joints in a healthier way. A completely new smoking experience from which you and your lungs will reap the benefits. These joint tips are designed to prevent a sore throat, coughing and the inhalation of hot smoke. You'll inhale significantly less harmful substances because of the special technology in these filter tips. In addition, they are pre-rolled for you and therefore super easy to use. Rolling a solid joint in no time is no problem with Rolls smart filters. You will receive a unique Rolls box with 50 medium size tips (7 mm diameter) when you buy them. In other words: do you want pre-rolled tips that give off fresh, thin smoke that is better for your health? Try Rolls smart filters now!



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Rolls Joint Tips

With the Rolls Joint Tips you're going to discover a whole different smoking experience. Thanks to the smart filter, you do not only enjoy your joint more, you're also healthier. Less harmful substances and less heat means it's better and smoother for the lungs. With this box of medium size pre-rolled joint tips, you can roll 50 joints. The filter tips are slightly larger (diameter of 7 mm) than the average joint tip. Would you prefer a smaller smart filter from Rolls? Take a look at the smart size version with a diameter of 6 mm (recommended products). 

  • Pre-rolled Joint Tips
  • Smart Filter = Healthier smoking
  • Eliminates harmful substances
  • Internal cooling system
  • Medium Size
  • Diameter: 7 mm
  • Filter tip length: 35 mm
  • Easily roll a firm joint
  • Stylish box with 50 pieces

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Smart Filter

A Rolls smart filter is specially made for smoking weed or other dry herbs. Thanks to the special laser technology, an internal filter and the manufacturing quality of each joint tip, you'll be healthier while smoking your joint. The cooler at the end of the tip creates an incredibly thin and fresh smoke. Highly recommended if a normal joint makes you cough or your throat bothers you. 

The joint tips consist of two parts. The first part is a classic filter, made of special materials that have been improved over the years. All for one purpose: to let as few harmful substances through as possible. The second part is the special cooler. It is equipped with several rows of holes, which have been made with a laser. The holes ensure that fresh air mixes with your smokables, so that you can inhale delicious fresh smoke with each puff.

You can compare the experience of smoking with Rolls tips very well with activated carbon filters from, for example, Actitube (recommended products).

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