Hemp Tea Organic Felina (Medihemp) 40 grams


Hemp Tea Organic Felina (Medihemp) 40 grams
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Felina hemp tea is made from the same organic hemp which is used to make the Medihemp CBD oils. During cultivation, these plants are carefully monitored but nothing is added to them. No messing around with pesticides or GMOs – simply the goodness of the sun, rain and rich Austrian soil. That’s what gives Medihemp’s Felina Tea its magnificent, natural flavour. It goes without saying that the tea is caffeine-free and nicely refreshing, thirst-quenching and naturally relaxing. Can also be used in a vaporizer. Read the detailed product description for our tips. You get 40 grammes of organic hemp tea in a packet.



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Full-flavoured, organic hemp tea with CBG from Medihemp, that’s Medihemp’s Santhica.

  • Source of natural CBD, CBDA and terpenes
  • Caffeine and Tannin free
  • Refreshing, full of flavour and thirst-quenching
  • Made from pure, organic hemp flowers and leaves
  • Pleasantly relaxing when used for tea or in a vaporizer
  • Can also be used as a spice, incense or for adding to a bath

Hemp Tea with CBD

Felina Tea from Medihemp is a natural source of CBD. That’s the abbreviation for cannabigerol, one of the healthy cannabinoids from the hemp plant. Felina Tea is made from the same kind of organic hemp with which Medihemp makes the CBD oil. Although this oil is highly concentrated, this pure plant material is less concentrated. By the way, this is the strongest that the hemp plant can offer you and it comes like that straight from nature! 

Multiple applications

Of course, hemp tea is meant for drinking. But you can actually use it perfectly for other ends. For example, as spice or incense, or mix it in the bath water to completely unwind. This makes this product even nicer to have at home.But did you imagine you could use it in a vaporizer?

Hemp Tea in a Vaporizer

Yes, that’s possible with this tea! Set the vaporizer to 120°C for vaping CBDA. That is the naturally present version of CBD which has a long list of specific properties. Prefer to just vape CBD? If so, set your vaporizer to 180°C. At that temperature, all the CBDA present is converted into CBD. But just to repeat ourselves: you won’t get high from this hemp.

Brewing tea from Medihemp Hemp Tea

It’s really easy to prepare organic hemp tea. Put a teaspoonful of hemp tea in a cup and then add boiled water. It’s advisable to allow the boiled water to cool down a bit first so as to preserve all the valuable substances in the hemp tea. This will minimise the tea from being evaporated. Preferably let the water cool down to 90°C and leave the tea to draw for 5 minutes. For a fuller flavour you can pour on boiling water, but we prefer the taste of slightly cooler tea. It makes a difference.

The tea needs to be stored sealed in a cool, dry place.


100% dried, organically cultivated hemp fibre from leaves and flowers.

Allergy-free: lactose, gluten and yeast free. Vegan. GMO-free. Organic (ATBIO 301).


The producer is the Austrian family company Medihemp, which cultivates and produces its products in an entirely organic manner. Medihemp is even the only CBD and CBG-producer in Europe with the official SKAL certification. This certification ensures 100% monitored organic cultivation.

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