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The value of a good night's sleep is still underestimated. Take CBD Night gummies from Hemplife! The formula of CBD combined with melatonin was made popular by the CBD Night Oil, but is now also available in the form of delicious soft blueberry candies. One package contains 60 gummies, each containing 15 mg of CBD and 0.29 mg of melatonin. Preferably take these gummies 30 minutes before bedtime. Brush your teeth, of course. :)

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Especially for endless ceiling staring, there is now CBD Night from Hemplife. These gummies with CBD melatonin is a match made in heaven. Try it for yourself.

  • CBD candies for a good night
  • Unique formula of CBD and melatonin
  • Tasty sweet gummies with blueberry flavor
  • One gummy contains 15 mg of CBD and 0.29 mg of melatonin

Sleeping Well is Important: CBD Night

Many people who want to experience a good night's sleep turn to CBD Night. A unique formula of melatonin and CBD oil. CBD Nacht is carefully formulated in the Netherlands. And rest assured, you won't get stoned or high from this. The melatonin makes you sleepy in a bodily way. Produced with passion for nature and the environment!

Melatonin: The Natural Sleep Hormone

The sleep hormone melatonin plays an important role in regulating our day and night rhythms. It is the hormone responsible for your feeling of fatigue. Under the influence of light and your biological clock, more or less of the hormone is produced in the human body. With a normal day and night rhythm and sufficient sunlight, the body has no problem making you tired at set times. But because in modern times we do a lot of screen work even after sunset, the body has trouble making melatonin. The result? Spinning in bed for hours and staring at the ceiling.

CBD Night Gummies Dosage 

These CBD gummies with melatonin are best taken just before bedtime. Take 1 CBD Night Gummie 30 minutes before bedtime. About half an hour after you take the gummie you will notice it. Please do keep the following points in mind:

  • Do not exceed recommended dosage
  • Do not use this supplement to replace a healthy diet
  • Always store cool and dry, out of reach of children
  • Can be kept for two months after opening


Sugar, glucose syrup, gelatin, food acid: citric acid, cannabidiol, melatonin, malic acid, flavors, coloring agent (brilliant blue), potassium sorbate.


Package Contents: 60 pieces

About Hemplife

Born from a passion for hemp. Developed from scientific insight and years of experience. Hemplife is our brand that says: we stand for a life full of hemp. Proud of the fact that hemp just grows in our proverbial backyard, we choose for a traditional Dutch product and natural raw materials. With this we are building together, literally and figuratively, a sustainable future with a plant full of history. The quality of our Hemplife products is closely monitored before, during and after production. So we know for sure that you only get the purest CBD products, formulated on Dutch soil.

Brand Hemplife
GTIN 8719324870160
Organic No
Product Type Gummies
Content 60 stuks
Vegan No
Ingredients Suiker, glucosestroop, gelatine, voedingszuur: citroenzuur, cannabidiol, melatonine, appelzuur, aroma’s, kleurstof (briljantblauw), kaliumsorbaat
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CBD Night Gummies (Hemplife) 60 pieces

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