Herbal Poppers (Rush) 15 ml

Herbal Poppers (Rush) 15 ml
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Are you looking for something to make sex many times better? Poppers are the answer. These 100% natural Herbal Poppers from Rush will have you and your partner bouncing out of the bed. This handy liquid is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to snort a popper. Fifteen minutes before the desired effect, spray 3 ml (spray 2 to 5 times) and expect a short but extreme and wonderful sexual rush. You’ll be relaxed with a warm feeling and a little bit dizzy – relax your sphincter muscle and experience the best orgasm ever. Also promotes a stiffened erection! Looking to buy libido-enhancing poppers? This natural substance won’t disappoint you.



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Buying Poppers

Looking to buy poppers? Unfortunately, the old-fashioned poppers have been illegal for some time. But these 100% natural Herbal Poppers from Rush are the perfect alternative. Usually you have to snort poppers, but this handy liquid can simply be sprayed under the tongue. Spray Rush Poppers under your tongue 15 minutes before the desired effect and enjoy the fantastically stimulating results. A short, powerful sexual rush that you’ll never forget. You can order poppers quickly and easily from us!

Effects of Poppers

Ordering Rush Poppers for the best sex? Good choice, but what can you expect to happen. Fifteen minutes before you want to feel the effect, spray 3 ml (spray 2 to 5 times) of herbal poppers under your tongue and expect to have: 

  • Unsurpassed orgasm
  • Relaxed feeling
  • Warm feeling inside
  • A mildly dizzy feeling
  • Stiffened erection
  • Relaxed sphincter muscle
  • 10x more powerful and pleasurable sexual experience

The effect of these herbal poppers is powerful but doesn’t last long. Getting the timing right is essential.


Water, L-arginine, Siberian ginseng, cranberry, Ginkgo biloba, L-glumatic acid, L-alanine, L-lysine

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