White Water Lily [Nymphaea alba] (Indian Spirit) 25 grams

White Water Lily [Nymphaea alba] (Indian Spirit) 25 grams

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Discover the magic of the White Water Lily, also known as White Lotus - your ultimate secret for an unforgettable experience in the bedroom! Whether you want to explore your dream world or each other's bodies, the White Water Lily is revered for its unique properties. This powerful plant has been used for spiritual and ceremonial purposes for centuries. A few leaves of the White Lotus will alter your consciousness with insight, relaxation, and sexual excitement. Each package contains 25 grams of White Water Lily flowers, carefully collected by Indian Spirit - an expert in exotic herbs. Order today and step into a world of passion, desire, and mystique!

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Step into the enchanting world of the White Lotus, also known as the White Water Lily (Nymphaea alba). This beautiful flower harbors a unique power that has been appreciated for centuries. Originally used by those desiring an extra touch of passion in the bedroom.

What is White Lotus?

Closely related to its Egyptian counterpart, the blue lotus, this European variant makes a delightful addition to your tea or wine. Imagine the dancing water lilies in the enchanting world of Efteling - now you can create the same serene atmosphere in your own surroundings. The White Water Lily has long been revered for its psychedelic effects and has a rich history of traditional use. This enchanting plant was consumed for spiritual purposes and was believed to alter your consciousness.

The Effects of White Lotus / Water Lily

The White Water Lily contains various alkaloids, including nupharine and nymphaeine, which are responsible for its unique properties. When consumed, these substances can have profound effects on the body and mind, often leading to altered perceptions and heightened spiritual experiences. Although an experience with these flowers is not comparable to mushrooms, LSD, or DMT, the plant does provide a pleasant euphoria filled with insight, relaxation, and sexual excitement.

In traditional contexts, the White Water Lily has been used by different cultures for spiritual and ceremonial purposes. It was employed as a tool for meditation, dream exploration, and connecting with higher states of consciousness. Shamans and spiritual practitioners have used it to induce visionary experiences and gain insight into the mysteries of the universe.

The psychedelic effects of the White Water Lily are characterized by a combination of sedation and euphoria. It is known to induce feelings of deep relaxation and tranquility, allowing individuals to enter dreamy or meditative states. Some users report enhanced sensory perception, vivid imagery, and an increased sense of connection with their emotions and environment.


Furthermore, the White Water Lily has long been associated with the potential to enhance sexuality and sensuality. Similar to the Blue Lotus, it is believed to increase sexual arousal and intensify intimate experiences, making it a sought-after herb for those looking to enhance their romantic encounters.

Explore the fascinating realm of the White Water Lily and unlock the potential for spiritual exploration, heightened awareness, and enriched sensual experiences. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and connect with the profound wisdom that this remarkable plant has to offer.

Preparing and Using White Water Lily

For a euphoric experience, you can consume the flower petals of this enchanting plant as tea, vaporize them in a vaporizer (at 112°C), or even dissolve them in wine. According to us, White Lotus shines best as a tea - a beverage that will indulge your taste buds and stimulate your senses. For a perfect cup of tea, steep approximately 5 grams of White Lotus in hot water for 10 to 15 minutes. 

If you want to elevate the sensation to a higher level, let the plant soak in wine for a few hours. Use approximately 5 grams per bottle. Be careful not to use too much, as White Lotus can make the wine bitter and difficult to drink.

Make the most out of every moment and embrace the enchanting power of the White Water Lily. Enrich your life with this natural treasure and turn every intimate gathering into an unforgettable experience. Discover the secrets of White Lotus today and enter a world of passion and desire!

Package Contents

  • 25 grams of White Water Lily flowers

Indian Spirit

Indian Spirit collects and distributes unique herbs from all corners of the globe. The overgrown psychedelic herb garden of Indian Spirit contains natural energy boosters, aphrodisiacs, psychedelics, and herbs for lucid dreams. From ayahuasca to zacatechichi. The garden was established in 2014, and the quality of the herbs and extracts makes Indian Spirit unrivaled in this segment.

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White Water Lily [Nymphaea alba] (Indian Spirit) 25 grams

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