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Honey that makes you go wild? This is the real mad honey from the mountains. Beekeepers rappel down with questionable personal safety at 3,500 feet to harvest honey from the huge nests of the world's largest honey bee. This Nepalese honey is slightly stronger than the Turkish variety and has a dark colour. Meet Real Mad Honey. Real hallucinogenic honey that contains measurable amounts of grayanotoxins. The beautifully designed packaging immediately tells you that this is a high-quality wild honey. Buy a small jar to try, or go big with a larger jar.

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Real Mad Honey actually contains grayanotoxins, the substance that makes you feel drowsy and a bit hallucinatory. Honey with psychoactive effects! This wild honey comes from Nepal and is slightly stronger than the Turkish version.

  • Nepalese Real Mad Honey.
  • Harvested at an altitude of at least 3500 meters.
  • 100% natural - unprocessed, filtered and with no additives.
  • Contains detectable amounts of grayanotoxins, from which you experience a pleasant buzz.
  • Dark colour and bitter aftertaste.

What is Mad Honey?

Mad honey is a type of honey produced by the largest honey bee in the world, the Himalayan giant honey bee. These ladies are also called cliff bees because they build their nests on overhanging rocks; far away from predators. Only a few daredevils from native tribes descend on the nests with a homemade rope from above to steal the honey from the 3 centimeter bees.

They do not do this without reason. The honey not only provides you with many carbohydrates, but also a pleasant high. The bees get their pollen from, among others, certain rhododendrons that contain a toxic substance. In high doses, you even hallucinate from this substance in the honey.

Mad Honey Effects

“Mad Honey” earned its name because a jar of honey like that makes you feel a little silly. Real Mad Honey actually contains the grayanotoxin that comes from those particular rhododendrons. That's why it's also called "rhodotoxin." Traditionally, mad honey has been used as an aphrodisiac, for high blood pressure and for digestive problems. It works something like this. Grayanotoxins act in our bodies on the sodium ion channels and muscarinic receptors. These are the same receptors involved in ingesting the toxic fly agaric. These substances can cause the following symptoms with normal doses of mad honey:

  • Relaxed feeling, sense of excitement, softening of visual field, auditory and visual hallucinations.
  • May help you fall asleep faster.
  • May provide relief from coughing.

Please note that mad honey may have the following physical effects: decreased blood pressure, changes in heart rhythm, dizziness, nausea, sweating, headaches, and difficulty standing.


One teaspoon of mad honey is a common dosage. Two teaspoons is a more recreational dosage. The more you take, the more the adverse side effects become noticeable. Be careful, because if you take too much you can get quite sick.

Buying Mad Honey

Buying Mad honey used to be rather difficult, because not all honey said to contain those psychoactive substances actually contains grayanotoxins. At Real Mad Honey, the honey has been tested in the lab. Analysis reports can be found on their website.

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I ordered 50g and at first ate only 1 teaspoon after 20 minutes of nothing ate another 2 teaspoons. Then ate whole pack after another 15 minutes. Nothing happened. Also I mixed everything before use. And the taste is like normal honey with little bit a different taste.
Review by Matus
star star star star star
... but still quite pricey.
Review by Ulm178
star star star star star
I don't understand where the negative reviews are coming from. This stuff does work as expected. After about half an hour (after a teaspoon) I started feeling pretty whoozy. Somewhat in between feeling mushrooms coming on and a light hit from a bong. Very pleasant and highly recommended.
Review by Sjaak
star star star star star
So it was time, I wanted to try the legendary mad honey.... Just to get really disappointed...

The honey isn't "Real Nepal Honey" it's mixed with regular 0815 honey as so it tastes.

I bought 2x50 Gram units and ate them both.
Normally I should even be able to write this, welp, but I am.

0 effect.
Way to price for a mixed with normal honey products and false advertisement.

Never again... Don't even think about buying from the "Real mad honey" brand, whoever need to clarify that it's real has something fishy going.

Take my legit impression and don't waste your money on this, search for a legit source.
Review by Firsttimebuy
star star star star star
Deze honing werkt echt geweldig heb er 2 lepels van genomen en mijn tong en keel voelde wat verdoofd aan , na 40 minuten voelde ik mij echt relax en euforisch
Review by Great stuff and it works really well

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