Focusvape Vaporizer (iFocus Technology)

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Focusvape Vaporizer (iFocus Technology)
A portable vaporizer that provides good performance, despite its compact housing. The FocusVape has a ceramic heat chamber, an adjustable air intake, six heat settings and it warms up quickly, within 30 seconds. The vaporizer is user-friendly and fits nicely in your hand. The FocusVape is quite expensive, but delivers performance comparable to pen vaporizers from higher price ranges. Therefore, it is definitely worth buying this FocusVape! Available in four different colors.
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There are only a few portable vaporizers that do not reduce quality or performance because of its compact housing. The Focus is a clear exception to this rule. The Focus vape is very attractively priced, but still provides the performance of pen vaporizers like those of a higher price class.


  • Compact pen housing
  • Ceramic heat chamber
  • Configurable air inlet
  • Heats up within 30 seconds
  • 6 heat settings
  • Vibration alarms
  • Control with 1 button
  • Replaceable battery

Stylish housing

The housing of the Focus vape has a nice design. The silica gel coating that covers the whole vaporizer, feels pleasant and the vape fits nicely in the hand. This is a food safe and heat resistant rubber coating with a 'leather look'. It gives this portable vaporizer a stylish and luxurious appearance.

Herb chamber and vapor quality

This portable vaporizer includes a high-quality ceramic herb chamber and a borosilicate glass vapor channel for an impressive vapor production and taste. The air inlet is easy to configure by turning the ring and housing. Increase the air inlet for cool vapor or reduce the air inlet for thicker, more tasteful vapor.

Easy to fill

The angled opening of the herb chamber makes filling very easy, and the excess herb can simply be removed with the provided accessories.

Glass mouth piece

The FocusVape Pro has a glass mouth piece. This is a big advantage because the vapor's taste is not being influenced in a negative way. Furthermore, the glass cools the vapor during inhalation. Remove the mouth piece to reach the deep ceramic chamber with a 0.4 g capacity.

FocusVape user manual

Turn on the FocusVape by quickly pressing the button 4 times. Keep the button pressed for a few seconds, to heat up the FocusVape. Then, toggle between 6 heat settings by pressing the button twice. The selected temperature is shown conveniently by the colored led lights. After a few minutes of inactivity, the Focus will go to sleep mode. To activate the device, keep the button pressed again for a few minutes.

Content of the package:

  • Focus Vaporizer
  • Glass mouth piece
  • 3200mAh LG battery
  • Filling tool
  • Small brush
  • Micro-USB cable
  • Mouth piece Filters
  • Manual
Additional Information
SKU G-1398
Brand iFocus Technology
Inhale Direct
Method Hot Air
Temperature Adjustable
Portable Vaporizer Yes

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