Secret Stash

Do you want to hide or conceal something? With this collection of Secret Stash Products only you know where you’ve put your secret stash. Concealing money? Concealing drugs? Camouflaging other prohibited substances! With a Stash Can, Stash Box or one of our other Secret Stash Products you’ll be sure to succeed!

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Secret Stash? You can create your secret hiding place with the items from our Secret Stash Products category. Whatever you want to hide or conceal: weed, other drugs, money, exotic magazines or your spare key... for any ‘contraband’ or secret stash we have secret storage products in stock. From stash cans to secret storage canisters.

What do you want to hide?

If you are going to conceal your secret stash in one of our secret storage products, it’s useful first to check what exactly you want to hide. Small objects like tablets, for example, go perfectly into a hollow screwdriver. But that won’t work with a big lump of hash. For that you’ll need a stash can or stash box. For each type of ‘contraband’ there are various secret storage products. With these, you can conceal the following things:

  • Conceal money
  • Conceal drugs
  • Conceal weed
  • Conceal tablets
  • Hide a spare key
  • Store medicines

You can create your own secret storage place for one of these things with our secret stash products!

Different Secret Stash Products

We have a wide range of secret stash products. For anything anyone wants to hide. As well as these products, you can also use the Roll Boxes (from Kavatza Originals) to store your ‘contraband’. You can use Tightvac Storage Canisters for airtight and odour-free storage. Other things we have in our range for you:

  • Secret Stash Box
  • Stash Can



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