Stash Box Metal (Dutch-Headshop) 0.04 Liter

Stash Box Metal (Dutch-Headshop) 0.04 Liter
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A nice metal storage canister with the Dutch Headshop logo. A simple metal box to store weed, pills, medication or any other herbs and powders. The contents can be stored even better now, they will hardly spread any odors. The box has a height of 4.5 cm and its diameter is 3.5 cm. The entire aluminum storage is 0.043 liter or 43 cubic cm. Ideal for taking along to a festival.

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This a handy metal weed box that comes with the logo of Dutch-Headshop that you can use to store your weed. Of course, the aluminum box can also be used to store medicines, pills or any other herbs or powders.

Aluminum Storage Pipe
The aluminum pipe with a rubber O-ring is splash proof, so you are sure the contents are safe and hardly any smells are released. This metal storage is made of aluminum and directly under the screw-thread there is a rubber ring. The cylinder is very solid and sustainable and can certainly last a lifetime.
The height of this pill box is 4,5 cm and the diameter is 3,5 cm. The content of this aluminum storage is 0.04 liter or 43 cubic cm.

Aluminum pill box
The aluminum pill box can be very convenient to bring to a party or festival. Also when you go on holiday or on a longer journey it's a good place to save your medication and keep it dry.
Weight (including package): 50 grams
Size: 4,5 x 3,5 x 3 cm (Height x Width x Depth)

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