Zip Lock Bags 55x65 transparant (0.09mm)

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Zip Lock Bags 55x65 transparant (0.09mm)
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Zipper bags are especially suitable for packing and storing weed. You can also use it for storing smoking supplies. These zipper bags are the same size as most zipper bags you find in a coffee shop. Due to the thickness of the plastic (0.09mm), the bag is firmer and the smell of the weed is reduced. You can store up to around 2 grams of cannabis in each bag. For a nice and small price you get as many as 100 zipper bags. Definitely worth buying these zi lock bags!

The border color on the bags is chosen at random.



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This Zip Lock Bag is most commonly used for packing marijuana. If you buy a bag of weed in a coffee shop then chances are the bag has this format. The Zip Lock Bags is suitable for about 1 to 2 grams of cannabis.

The thickness of the plastic is 0.09 mm. This is thicker than many other zip lock bags which usually have a thickness of 0.05 mm or 0.07 mm. The thickness of the plastic bag makes it stronger and more airtight, thus fewer odours are emitted and the content is better preserved.

The Zip Lock Bags are packed per 100 pieces.

Size: 55 x 65 mm
Polyethylene: 0.09 mm
Colour: Transparent
Packed per: 100 zip lock bags

The size given of 55 x 65 mm is for the inside size of the zip lock bags, without the top edge.

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AvailabilityIn Stock
Dimensions55 x 65 mm

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