Tightvac Storage Container (Tightpac) 0.12 Liters

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A nice storage system for your herbs is the 0.12 Tightvac. The storage jar measures 7.6 x 6 cm and can hold approximately 10 grams of weed or other herbs. Completely air-tight, and no smells gets through. To open the jar, press the top button and air gets in. Your herbs are kept fresh for a longer time from now on. You are a regular user, then this Tightvac will definitely be of use. Keep your herbs and weed fresh even better, with this system. Try it!
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Ideal storage system for your special herbs. This tightvac pot is airtight which ensures optimum protection for the contents. Where plastic grip bags always let through some air, these pots are 100% airtight. In order to open the tightvac system, you should press the small button at the top so air can enter. The tightvac keeps the contents fresh and is a must for the regular user!

  • Content: 0,12 Liter
  • Height: 7.6 cm
  • Diameter: 6 cm
  • ~10 grams

Innovative Vacuum storage systems

How do you store fresh herbs, marijuana and other products you want to keep fresh? TightVac is the most simple and effective answer to this question. While plastic zip lock bags always let through some air and smells, the TightVac is 100% smell and air-tight. 

Patented closure

Through the application of this unique, patented 'one-way-air valve' in the lid, the air can go out of the closed TightVac bus, but the air can not enter anymore. To open the TightVac system, you press a button on the top. You also close it by pressing the button when you close the lid. This way, no air comes in and the TightVac is 100% smell and air-tight and water-resistant. Ideal to pack all kind of stuff air-tight, both at home and when on travel.

Variety of sizes and applications

TightVac air-tight storage containers are available in a variety of sizes. In transparent or black version, which is useful if you do not only want to store your favorite herbs air-tight, but also in a dark place to protect the contents against UV light. Or when you want to save the contents discretely, as you won't see what's in there. Also easy to store medication or coffee beans. You can even put your TightVac storage container in the freezer.

This tightvac is available in different colors.

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Brand Tightpac
Storage Tightvac
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Tightvac Storage Container (Tightpac) 0.12 Liters

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