Boveda Boost 58% Humidity Regulator

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The Boveda Boost 58% Humidity Regulator sachets ensure the ideal humidity for storing or curing weed in a storage jar or Weck jar. The packets absorb moisture or release it thanks to their special technology. Important if you don’t want your weed to dry out. Moreover, a humidity regulator also prevents mould, bud rot, loss of potency and a harsh taste when smoked. Check out every few days if the package is hardend. Is this the case? Than you have to replace Boveda Boost. Available in various sizes for various quantities of weed. View the clip and the text in the product information for all your questions!

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Boveda Boost Humidity Regulator

Are you storing or curing weed? This humidity regulator will help you. The Boveda Boost 58% sachets ensure that your weed will be stored or cured at the ideal humidity. Avoid your beloved green gold getting dried out. Protect it against mould, bud rot, potency or flavour loss and a harsh taste when smoked. Whereas other humidity regulators are suitable for numerous products, Boveda Boost is specially designed for cannabis. Are you going to store or cure weed? Use a Tightvac Storage Container or Weck jar (check recommended products) and insert a sachet in your stash to maintain the ideal humidity of 58%. Guaranteed safe storage for your harvest!

Three different sachets:

  • 67 gramme Boveda Boost is suitable for a maximum of 454 grammes of weed
  • 8 gramme Boveda Boost is suitable for a maximum of 28 grammes of weed
  • 4 gramme Boveda Boost is suitable for a maximum of 14 grammes of weed

You can get Integra Boost humidity regulator from us in the 58% variant. 

Use Boveda Humidipak

Each Boveda Humidipak actually contains two sachets that are closed together. One contains water and the other natural salts. Together they can take moisture from the air or add moisture to the air. This product is very easy to use. Simply put a Boveda Humidipak in an airtight container of weed and the formula of water and natural salts will do the rest. Please note: When the moisture controller hardens, it is time to replace it. So check how the Boveda Humidipak feels every few days. You can also use multiple packs in one jar. This makes the formula last longer.

Ideal Humidity for Weed

For storing or curing weed, two things are extremely important: humidity and temperature. You can regulate the temperature by putting your storage container/Weck jar in a particular place. And for the humidity, there are Integra Boost sachets. Humidity is so important because at too low a percentage you end up with dry, brittle weed, and at too high a percentage the risk of mould shoots up greatly. An ideal humidity during the curing of weed is vital because both the taste and the smell of the weed gets the optimum boost at the right percentage. In short: use a humidity regulator!

Integra Boost Specifications

  • Humidity regulator for curing or storing weed
  • Provides the ideal humidity
  • 58% is ideal if you want to store a dry weed variety
  • Consists water and natural salts
  • Prevents weed becoming too dry or too wet
  • Prevents mould and bud rot
  • Prevents loss of potency
  • Protects the taste and smell of weed
  • Sachets do not split or leak

58% Versus 62%

We sell Integra Boost humidity regulator in two variants: 58% and 62% humidity. The ideal humidity for storing and curing weed lies around these percentages. We recommend 62% for curing weed because that’s the ideal humidity for improving the aroma and taste as best possible. When it comes to storing weed, your preference plays a big role. Do you like dry weed and is the variety also suitable for this? In that case, 58% is the best choice for you. Do you like slightly stronger buds or do you have a variety that shouldn’t be too dry? 62% it is then!

SKU G-1898-1899-1900
Brand Boveda
Storage Others
Material Water and natural Salt
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Added one yesterday to a mason jar containing my latest crop, which sprung from a couple of seeds also from you guys. Have to say that the buds feel noticably more dry than before. Guess my crop was too moist to begin with.
Review by Carl

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