Precision Scale SBM-100 | Silicone Bowl (On Balance) 0.01

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Precision Scale SBM-100 | Silicone Bowl (On Balance) 0.01
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The highly versatile Mini Precision Scales SBM-100 from On Balance! They excel in terms of functionality and protection. These mini scales are equipped with a handy, foldable silicon bowl. In combination with the safety lid, this ensures that your digital scales won’t break in a hurry. You can also use the silicon bowl as a receptacle in which to weigh your stuff. Then you can throw it into your bag or other packaging material straight from the bowl. That makes these precision scales highly suitable as scales for weed. They are nice and small at 12.3 x 7.2 x 1.9 cm and come equipped with lots of functions like tare weighing, item counting, automatic switch-off and one-touch calibration. They weigh accurately to 0.01 grammes and have a maximum capacity of 100 grammes (excluding bowl). In short: a masterpiece in their class!

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Precision Scales with many Functions

Although these mini scales are small in size, you shouldn’t underestimate them. They certainly have enough handy functions built in to them to make your life easy when weighing. You can fold out the silicon bowl as much or as little as you need when using it as a receptacle. Put the tray on the scales, use the tare function (zeroise function) and off you go. Read off how much there is in the tray from the LCD screen which is accurate to 0.01 grammes and then throw it from the tray into your packaging material. The energy-saving mode kicks in when you stop using them for a while or forget to switch them off. And what if they get out of synch? The one-touch calibration sorts this out in no time. Check out all the specifications of the Precision Scales SBM-100 from On Balance:

  • Digital Mini Scales from On Balance
  • Come complete with foldable silicon bowl
  • Well-protected mini scales
  • Lots of functions: tare weighing, energy-saving, automatic item counting, auto-off and one-touch calibration
  • Work ideally as scales for weed
  • Scales accuracy 0.01
  • Maximum capacity: 100 grammes 
  • Net weight: 271 grammes
  • Dimensions: 12.3 x 7.2 x 1.9 cm
  • 2 x AAA batteries included
  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty

Mini Weed Scales

These great-looking, compact mini scales from On Balance are the perfect choice if you’re after weed scales. Their small format allows you to take them everywhere with you. That is not the case with all mini scales. But because these have a safety lid and the silicon bowl which can be used as a cover, you can carry them around safely. Moreover, the bowl makes weed weighing extremely easy. You can throw the buds into the tray from a distance and then conveniently place them in zipper bags. Use tare weighing for the fastest weed weighing you’ve ever managed. The ultimate weed scales are now within your reach!

Tare weighing

Tare weighing is a handy function available on the Precision Scales SMB-100. You switch on tare weighing by pressing the ‘M’ button. The number on the scales is then reverted to 0. This means you can simply put a tray or the lid from scales on the weighing plate (put the tray or lid on the plate first and then press ‘T’). They are only weighing the content minus the lid or tray. This is really convenient. You don’t need to keep taking the weed or other herbs off the scales. You can just empty it directly from the lid into your bag and then replace the lid on the scales.

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Additional Information
AvailabilityIn Stock
BrandOn Balance
Scale Precision0,01 grams
Scale Capacity100 grams

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