Hash Making

Want to make hash, hash oil or cannabis oil? Separate the THC-rich crystals from the leaf with the specialist Bubbleator and Ice-O-Lator and make a cube of hash with a hash press.

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You would like to make hash yourself? Then the Dutch-Headshop has the right products for you to do this.

How do you make hash?

Make hash with the specialist products from the Dutch-Headshop. Hashish is made of cannabis crystals containing THC. The cannabis crystals are separated from the cannabis leaf with one of the product's sieves. The crystals are then pressed to obtain a block of hash.

Main products

Many products are available to make hashish. However, there are a number of top quality products that stand out. The Bubbleator is one of them. It looks pricey compared to other hash makers, but its capacity and intensive use is quickly and easily regained. The filter system is suitable for 350 grams of raw material and you can collect your crystals within ten minutes time.

Apart from the Bubbleator, also the Ice-O-Later products are very suitable to make hash. The Ice-O-Lator is a method based on the pure water-and-ice extraction method. The four different Ice-O-Lator products are listed below.

  • Ice-O-Lator small 3 bag set
  • Ice-O-Lator small outdoors
  • Ice-O-Lator small indoors
  • Ice-O-Lator Travel

The Ice-O-Later small outdoor is made to separate crystals from the outdoor growing cannabis plant, while the Ice-O-Later small indoors, is of course suitable to sort out the valuable crystals from the indoor-growing cannabis plant. Both bags are suitable for 200 grams of plant material. Thanks to its three bags, the Ice-O-Lator 3 bag set has the benefit it can filter two different grades of crystals or ice, compared to other Ice-O-Lator products. The Ice-O-Lator is compact and ideal to bring along. It can contain 25 grams of plant material


Pollinator is the brand of both the Bubbleator and the Ice-O-Lator products. Pollinator products have been around since 1994. The brand is known for the clean hash being produced.

The other brands are:

  • Buzznn (Honey Bee Extractor and Queen Bee Extractor)
  • D-Lux (Honey/BHO Concentrate Extractor)

Try making your own hashish with one of the many quality products from our product assortment. Order easily and in a discreet manner at the Dutch-Headshop.


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