Hash press aluminium and steel

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Hash press aluminium and steel
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It’s incredibly easy to make hash with this hash press from Super Herbal Press. In just a few steps you can have your own hash from pollen or THC. The press is made from ultrastrong material and is virtually unbreakable. Use the leftovers from your weed to make hash in this great hash press! Also works well in conjunction with our Hashmaker. The hash press is 22 mm in diameter and has around 7 cm of space for filling with pollen. In short: you can make fantastic blocks of hash with this hash press.

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Make Your Own Hash

You can now easily make your own hash with this hash press from Super Herbal Press! Use your leftover pollen/THC in this press. You can get maximum use from all your weed materials and won’t have to throw anything away. With this product the bottom compartment of your grinder takes on a new dimension.

This product works really well in conjunction with our Hashmaker! You can quickly separate all the pollen from your weed or plant leftovers with this.


  • Press for making hash
  • Incredibly strong, made from steel and aluminium
  • Diameter: 22 mm
  • Space for pollen: 7 cm
  • Ideal for using up the leftovers from your weed
  • Easy to use
  • Works well in conjunction with the Hashmaker

Sturdy press

The design and construction of the hash press is sturdy and solid. The hash press is made of high quality aircraft aluminium and steel threaded screws. The threaded screw will therefore not be easily damaged.
The hash-press is very practical and easy to use.

Active constituents of weed

The pollen which comes out of your weed, often called THC in street parlance, consists of its active constituents. In other words, this is what gives your body the effect. The pollen consists mainly of THC, CBD and CBG. So don’t throw this dust material away! Save it in the bottom of your grinder or in a pot. Use it in the hash press from Super Herbal Press and get yourself a nice piece of hash!

Do you want to know more about the constituents of weed? Take a look at our blog for comprehensive information about weed, hash and loads more!

Using the hash press:

The press is easy to use. Follow the steps below:

  1. Collect all the pollen, THC or trichomes.
  2. Unscrew the bottom lid from the press.
  3. There are 2 press inserts in the press. Take the bottom one out of the press.
  4. Set up the space and quantity of pollen by adjusting the other press insert. You do this by turning the top of the press.
  5. Fill the space with pollen.
  6. Push the second press insert into the press and press firmly.
  7. Tightly screw the bottom lid back onto the bottom of the press.
  8. Turn the bottom of the press as hard as you can until it just won’t go any further. WARNING: use your hands only. Any other tools might break the press.
  9. For the best results, leave the press to rest for 24 hours.
  10. Remove the bottom and turn out the inserts from the press.
  11. Scrape the hash off the inserts. Job done!

Comment: it’s sometimes useful to warm up the press when turning. Warmed-up pollen presses better.

Package contents:

  • Press with metal screw thread
  • 2 lids
  • 2 press inserts
  • Discretely packaged
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