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Are you a hash smoker who wants to crumble their block of hash in style? Then get yourself one of the eight handsome EX Hash Knifes. These miniature chopping knives come in all kinds of sizes and colours. You can easily crumble your hash with the sharp knife before putting the hash in your joint, pipe or vaporizer. At roughly 4 centimetres long, the EX Hash Knives are nice and compact. You can take them with you wherever you go so they’re immediately at hand. On purchase they come with an attractive protective cover so you don’t damage your EX Hash Knife or the other way round. So – do you want to be able to crumble your hash easily and never again get it under your nails? Then choose one of the EX Hash Knives from the Hash Grinder Company and experience the convenience for yourself!

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Crumble Hash with an EX Hash Knife

With an EX Hash Knife you will always have a beautiful and practical tool at hand for making your block of hash small. Take it anywhere you want in the handy protective cover. When it’s time to roll a hash joint, just get it out and let the hash crumbling begin. Using the sharp knife, cut off little bits from your block of hash and place them in your joint. No more filthy fingers or nails. The EX Hash Knives are extensively tested, easy to use and grip as you crumble the hash.


  • EX I or EX II - Miniature chopping knives
  • For use as a hash grinder
  • 8 different types and colours
  • Protective cover included
  • Knife material: stainless steel
  • Handle material: steel or wood
  • Length: 4 cm (knife ~2.15 cm | handle ~1.85 cm)
  • Designed by the Hash Grinder Company

This is not the only hash grinder from the Hash Grinder Company. Take a look at the handy ZenPen Hash Grinder or the G-rasp (recommended products).

Different Types and Colours

The EX Hash Knife is available in 8 different types and colours. The EX I chopping knives have wooden handles. Two of them have a damascus motif in the knife. The other has a handy opener. The EX II chopping knives are made completely from steel and are available in 5 different colours. Each EX has a suitable protective cover. Choose your favourite!

About The Hash Grinder Company

The Hash Grinder Company makes top quality products with a high-quality design. Most products are designed to make hash smoking much easier. The Hash Grinder Company's first invention, the now famous ZenPen, is one of the many hash grinders the company has produced. The company started with hash tools, but after years of experience and detailed development processes, the company has expanded its range to include all kinds of practical smoking and dabbing tools. At The Hash Grinder Company, you will find the most innovative stoner tools that make life easier. Everything has been thought of!

SKU G-2298-2299
Brand Hash Grinder Company
Material Stainless Steel
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EX Hash Knife (Hash Grinder Company)

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