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The Furna vaporizer's concentrate oven is equipped with a ceramic heating element. This provides a lovely taste that is not affected by the metal that some other elements are made of. This replacement element is meant to keep that taste at its best. For example, if you can't clean the heating element properly after vaping hash.

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Replacement Heating Element for Furna Concentrate Oven

The revolutionary feature of the Furna vaporizer is without a doubt the exchangeable ovens. But they would be letting a sting down if other parts are not also easily replaceable. The heating element in the concentrate oven is made of tasteless, food grade ceramic. So the taste of your wax and concentrates is not affected by the material the oven is made of. Moreover, ceramic ovens last longer than traditional metal coils. 

Replacing the heating element is easy. It is held in place at the bottom with magnets. Use the multi-tool that comes with the Furna vaporizer to pop it out. Put the new one in and it's ready to use.

Use a small amount of concentrate in your oven. Inside the heating element, there is a handy fill line to help you determine the maximum fill limit.

Vaping hash

With this heating element in your concentrate oven you can vape hash. To avoid having to replace it all the time we recommend you use Vape Wool (recommended products). This will prevent hash residue from sticking to the inside of your heating element and keep it working at its best. 

About Furna

Furna is the only vaporizer designed with exchangeable ovens for dried herbs and weed concentrates. Why? Because it is faster and easier to prepare, change, share and use. All so you can concentrate on the pleasure of what you have bought this portable vaporizer for. No more pain and effort required to operate and maintain a vaporizer. All you have to do is enjoy it when you're on the go.

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Replacement Concentrate Heating Element | Furna Vaporizer

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