Germinate Cannabis Seeds and Grow Accessories

Growing a cannabis plant: it all starts with germinating the cannabis seeds. Sounds simple. However, in practice this sometimes turns out to be disappointing. That is why we have put together the products for you that will help you germinate your cannabis seeds fast and reliably. You will also find accessories and special additives for clones or cuttings of your best finest cannabis plant.

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There are many ways to germinate seeds. We have listed the best products that can help you with this. We also tell you everything about the process that you have to go through for the greatest chance of germination.

Different methods for Germinating Cannabis Seeds

There are many rumors about the best way to germinate cannabis seeds. Internet forums are full of methods that don't always work well. It is often recommended to place the seeds in a cup of water for a few days or to put them between a damp kitchen paper / cotton ball. Very primitive and often without good results. Just like the idea of germinating cannabis seeds the right way in the pot with soil. It often takes days of waiting. And one seed is one chance to germinate. All these rumors about germinating seeds are a thing of the past with the products from this category!

Our Solution for Germinating Cannabis Seeds

We offer a solution to the problems with seed germination. With professional products specially designed to speed up the germination cycle, you can get rid of all the hassle. For a competitive price, we offer products from the best brands on the market, such as Plagron.

Main Products:

  • Seed boosters are germination accelerators that improve the germination capacity of old and new seeds. You use the seed booster by adding a few drops of the agent to the nutrient water. In addition to accelerating the germ cycle, seed boosters often also have a protective effect.
  • Spongepots are small containers filled with soil and bacteria. These trays ensure optimal humidity and help cannabis seeds to root and germinate.
  • Seed boxes are complete sets in which you will find everything you need to germinate cannabis seeds. Nothing can go wrong with this product. It contains trays that develop a stable climate for the best germination cycle, plugs that prevent over-fertilization and seed boosters.

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Cannabis Cuttings

When using cannabis cuttings for cloning purposes, you cut off a small part of a promising mother plant. You can then put this cutting in the soil in the hope that it will take root itself and become a clone of your mother plant. Because the genetics are identical, you know exactly what to expect from your cuttings. Cannabis cuttings can be quite weak in the beginning. That is why we have special tools to make cuttings stronger. From cutting powder to root stimulators that promote the production of roots and make the soil more airy with micro-organisms. Do you want to know more about cannabis cuttings? Read our handy blog.

The Other Phases of the Cannabis Plant

You are not there yet after germinating your cannabis seeds. Only then does the party begin. After your cannabis seeds have germinated, the phases come:

  • Seedlings
  • To grow
  • Bloom
  • To harvest

Each phase has its challenges. That is why we have compiled specific cannabis nutrition for each phase. This plant food contains exactly the nutrients that your cannabis plant craves at that moment.

Growing Cannabis: Why Use Special Cannabis Nutrition?

Each phase of a cannabis plant is unique. In the flowering phase, the cannabis plant needs completely different nutrients than it has in the growth phase. That is why we have selected special plant nutrition. Pure nature, of course. Why do you have to use this often as a cannabis grower? Well, that's why:

  • Ensures a healthy plant;
  • Optimizes the yield of the plant;
  • Adds nutrients;
  • Prevents leaf problems;
  • Increases the resistance of the plant.

More Tips on Growing Weed?

Do you want to know more about growing cannabis? Then take a look at our blog. It says a lot about growing weed. From germination to harvesting. We have also extensively mentioned the most common leaf problems in cannabis plants and how you can prevent them. In short: indispensable information for the (starting) cannabis grower!


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