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A special set with parts for the Volcano Vaporizers from Storz & Bickel (Classic and Digital). With the Solid Valve Set from Storz & Bickel you can fill a mighty 3-metre balloon with vapour! In addition you get one ready-made balloon, an extra strong valve and mouthpiece, a special filling chamber for extra herbs, screens and filters for oil or hash. With the Solid Valve Set you have a lot more possibilities than with the Easy Valve Starter Set which you buy as standard with a Volcano Vaporizer. So, looking to make your vaping experience complete? Then the Solid Valve is what you’re after!

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Balloons up to 3 Metres

The Solid Valve Set for the desktop vaporizer models from Storz & Bickel (Classic and Digital). You’ll find everything you need in this set for balloon vaping from your Volcano Vaporizer. Instead of a number of separate balloons, you get a great big piece of balloon material which you can cut to the right size. Do you go for the standard formats of 60 or 90 cm? Or do you go a bit more extreme? Cut the material in half and fill a 1.5 metre balloon. Or cut nothing at all and fill a 3-metre balloon with vapour!

Solid Valve Set Components:

  • Valve
  • Filling chamber
  • Mouthpiece
  • Set with screens
  • Cleaning brush
  • Metal Screen / Sponge for use with oils or hash (liquid pad)
  • 3 meter balloons
  • User guide for replacing the balloons

The Possibilities of Storz & Bickel Solid Valve

As well as being able to make extremely large balloons, the Solid Valve set has other benefits. For example, the extra large filling chamber. The filling chamber is deeper and a bit narrower than the one in the Easy Valve Starter Set. This means you can vape more herbs at a time and that’s what you need when you go and make a large balloon. The filling chamber is fitted with a kind of pin with a filter attached and you use this to tamp the herbs. N.B.: if you press down the herbs too hard, not enough air may get through and this is not good for the vapour. You place the filling chamber on the Volcano Vaporizer, without having to click anything together. The whole thing is sealed by the blue O-rings and the weight of the filling chamber itself. This means it is not susceptible to air loss.

Extra Robust

Because you only get one valve and mouthpiece in the Solid Valve Set, these are made from extra robust material. They feel strong and heavy. In the Easy Valve Set you get 5 ready-made balloons, each with its own valve and mouthpiece. With Easy Valve you can throw these away after use; with Solid Valve they can be reused. You can read how to fit the balloon material to the valve and mouthpiece in the supplied user guide, or you can watch the clip at the bottom of this page.

Tasty Vapour

Keep the taste of your Volcano Vaporizer optimal by replacing the screens every now and then. Naturally, extra screens are included in this set. If the screen goes a dark colour or the vapour no longer tastes nice then it’s time for a new one. You can also smoke oil and hash very easily with the Liquid Pads from this set. Drip or ‘rub’ the hash or oil onto the metal pad and put this in the filling chamber.

Easy Valve Starter Set from Storz & Bickel

Are you someone who doesn’t need to vape from extra large balloons and is not interested in having to always fix the balloon material to the valve? Then, instead of the Solid Valve, go for its brother: the Easy Valve Starter Set. You’ll find 5 ready-made balloons in this kit which you can click onto your Volcano Vaporizer. Ideal if you want to vape with friends as all the balloons can be filled in no time at all.

Storz & Bickel

At Storz and Bickel they make one of the best vaporizers in the world. They proudly build vaporizers so users can enjoy aromatherapy or medicinal cannabis. By maintaining the vaporizer in line with the provided instructions, a Storz & Bickel vaporizer lasts for years. Our Storz and Bickel collection includes all top models such as the Volcano, and we also supply all original replacement parts in case something gets lost or runs out. This will ensure you can always enjoy your quality vaporizer.

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