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Choose this vaporizer if you want to vape with the most advanced convection technology and a treasury of options. The Wolkenkraft Äris Ultra is the perfected version of its predecessor. You can vaporize weed as well as hash and other concentrates with it. The air passage is fully insulated and easy to clean. Because of the titanium furnace, heat conduction is on point and flavor remains unaffected. The Äris Ultra's ease of use is simply perfect. A clear OLED display, haptic feedback, fast charging with USB-C, very long battery life and numerous personalized settings make vaping a breeze. Order this German meister today and discover the superior quality of Wolkenkraft.

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The Improved Ultra Version of the Äris

The vaporizer masterpiece from Germany in a new look. The Wolkenkraft Äris Ultra vaporizer has even more to offer than its predecessor. The minimum temperature in extended from 160 °C to 100 °C, allowing you to vaporize herbs better. There is a beautiful gold ring on the mouthpiece unit, which is colored in some versions. You can now set the session duration on the Äris Ultra and recharge 35% faster thanks to USB-C. The rubber coating over the aluminum housing gives you more grip and makes the vaporizer more comfortable to hold. Wolkenkraft is so sure about this Ultra model, you get a 5-year manufacturer's warranty on it.

Advantages & Specifications Wolkenkraft Äris Ultra Vaporizer:

  • Wolkenkraft Äris Ultra Vaporizer.
  • Suitable for weed, dry herbs, dabs and hash*
  • Titanium oven and gold-plated mouthpiece ring
  • Patented revolutionary ECA convection technology
  • Fully insulated air path; pure and unadulterated flavor
  • Easy to clean
  • Rubberized aluminum housing
  • Extendable and adjustable thick pyrex glass mouthpiece
  • High quality and safe materials
  • Pure and natural taste
  • Optimized airflow prevents resistance during inhalation
  • Precise temperature control per degree (100 °C - 221 °C)
  • Short heating time: only 25 seconds
  • Adjustable session duration 3-6 minutes
  • Large, crystal clear and scratch-resistant OLED display and vibration function
  • 2600 mAh battery: 8 to 11 sessions per charged battery
  • Ultra-fast charging with USB-C and usable while charging
  • Size: 10.2 x 5.3 x 2.6 cm
  • Weight: 133 g
  • Warranty: 5 years

* Hash and dabs can only be vaped with a Wax and Concentrate Pod. These are not included and must be ordered separately. See the recommended products on this page.

Instructions for Use Wolkenkraft Äris Ultra

This convection vaporizer is very easy to use. To open the vaporizer, remove the complete mouthpiece block from the vaporizer. By this, we mean the entire external part. Not just the glass mouthpiece! You will see the spacious herb chamber appear. Put approximately 0.3 grams of weed in here if you want to use it as a weed vaporizer.

After filling the Wolkenkraft Äris Ultra with your vaping materials, click the mouthpiece block back onto the vaporizer. Then press the top button five times in a row. You will now see the OLED display turn on, and the vaporizer begins to heat up. Easily adjust the temperature using the other two buttons. When the vaporizer reaches the temperature you have chosen, you will receive a vibration signal, indicating that you can start vaporizing.

You can now begin vaping. Inhale directly from the glass mouthpiece. Take slow, long, and deep draws. Not short puffs like with a joint or cigarette. The goal is to inhale slowly and hold it for longer than 5 seconds. Take your time. Only by doing so, you will get nice vapor clouds and the best results. You can turn off the vaporizer by clicking the button five times again or by doing nothing. It will automatically turn off after 5 minutes. You can monitor the temperature, battery status, and session duration on the OLED Display.

Note: During prolonged use and at high temperatures, the glass mouthpiece can become warm. If necessary, use the included plastic mouthpiece attachment on top of the glass mouthpiece.

Wolkenkraft = Convection Vaporizer

The Wolkenkraft Äris Ultra is a convection vaporizer. This means that only hot air flows through the smoking materials to produce vapor. The heating element in this vaporizer is located below the herb chamber. During vaping, fresh air is supplied through the air vent at the bottom. You can hear this clearly, which adds a new dimension to the vape session. The air passes along the heating element through the herbs. The flavorful vapor then reaches the mouthpiece without touching any other materials. The ECA Technology takes it a step further. With the special air passage and the Air Duct Cover, you are treated to the cleanest vapor ever.

Bubbler and Other Accessories

The Wolkenkraft Äris Ultra vaporizer comes with various accessories such as cleaning tools and screens. If you want even cooler and cleaner vapor, take a look at the Wolkenkraft Water Filter (recommended products). This bubbler can be placed on top of your vaporizer and filled with water. The vapor is then additionally filtered, allowing you to enjoy cooled and extra clean smoke.

Strong Battery & Quick Heating

The Wolkenkraft Äris Ultra is equipped with a 2600 mAh battery, allowing you to enjoy your vaporizer for an extended period. When fully charged, it lasts for approximately an hour. This is enough for about 8 to 11 sessions. This powerhouse vaporizer heats up rapidly. It reaches the desired temperature within 25 seconds. You can adjust the vaporizer with great precision: down to the exact degree. This is especially useful for medicinal users or when vaporizing herbs that require precise temperature control. Set the OLED display to degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit and enjoy the fast convection heating technology.

Design & Material of Äris Ultra Vaporizer

The design is a major highlight of this mini vaporizer. The OLED display is sleek and very clear. The unique mouthpiece block is not found in any other vaporizer. All materials used are of high quality, ensuring durability. Moreover, no material in this convection vaporizer comes into contact with the airflow or the herb chamber. This ensures that the flavor of the vapor remains unaffected.

For Weed, Herbs, Hash & Dabs

The Wolkenkraft Äris Ultra is not just a simple weed vaporizer. You can use it to vaporize almost any smoking material. Whether it's weed or other dry herbs, a nice piece of hash, or even dabs/concentrates, this convection vaporizer can handle it all. For dabs, hash, or concentrates, you can use the Concentrate Pod (not included, view recommended products).

Package Contents:

  • Wolkenkraft Äris Ultra Vaporizer
  • Dust cap
  • Seal ring + screen
  • Ultra capsule container with 2 Herb Pods
  • Magnetic chamber stick
  • Cleaning brushes and wipes
  • Tweezers
  • USB-C cable
  • Manual

Cleaning & Maintenance of Wolkenkraft Vaporizers

To keep your Wolkenkraft vaporizer in top condition, it is important to clean it regularly, preferably right after each session. This prevents dirt from accumulating and saves you from having to do extensive cleaning later on. Fortunately, with your purchase, you receive several tools to keep your device clean. If you need extra assistance, you can find everything you need to get your vaporizer 100% clean in our "Vaporizer Accessories" category. Vaporizer cleaner, alcohol wipes, brushes, and much more! Alternatively, you can purchase the all-in-one vaporizer cleaning kit (recommended products).

About Wolkenkraft

German brand WOLKENKRAFT™ manufactures and sells premium, high-quality vaporizers. Their series of robust vaporizers with True Convection heating technology always deliver fine, pure, and flavorful vapor. According to the brand, it's the best and most efficient way to vaporize. Wolkenkraft stands for high innovation, technological art, unique designs, ecological awareness, customer friendliness, and safety. With these core values, the brand aims to capture the hearts of vaporizer enthusiasts.

SKU G-3072
Availability In Stock
Brand Wolkenkraft
Method Convection (Hot Air)
Inhale Direct
Temperature Adjustable Digital Display
Adjustable airflow No
Highest temperature 221
Lowest temperature 100
Heat-up Time 25
Portable Vaporizer Yes
Number of sessions per battery charge 8-11 Sessions
Oven Volume 0.30
Oven material Metal
Smartphone App? Yes
Auto switch off Yes
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