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The PLENTY is a one-of-a-kind vaporizer from Storz & Bickel. Highly praised by connoisseurs for vape quality and user-friendliness, qualities that make the PLENTY one of the best vaporizers on the market. It’s a light-weight unit that makes next to no noise. The clearly marked buttons and analogue thermometer ensure that it’s really easy to use. You can vape whatever you want: hash, weed, oil and concentrates. You can set the PLENTY’s temperature anywhere between 130°C and 210°C. It heats up extremely rapidly (60 seconds) and the unique air tube delivers soft and magnificently cool vapour. The vaporizer is sturdy, strong and made from the very best materials. If your looking to buy a vaporizer and what you’re mainly interested in is taste and vapour quality then the PLENTY is the ideal choice.

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The PLENTY Vaporizer from Storz and Bickel is one of the best vaporizers on the market when it comes to vapour quality and user-friendliness. It’s light-weight, silent in operation, ultra-easy to use and you can vape whatever you want with it. Use it as a weed vaporizer or for hash and concentrates. With this one-of-a-kind vaporizer, the possibilities are endless. You just need to make sure that you always have a power socket nearby.

PLENTY Vaporizer - Specifications & Advantages:

  • Unique Portable Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel
  • Inhaling via Tube: unparalleled vapour quality
  • Vaporizer for weed, hash, dabs and concentrates*
  • Ready for vaping in just 60 seconds
  • Only works connected to constant power
  • Evaporation temperature can be set between 130 °C and 210 °C (226oF to 396oF)
  • Developed and created by the makers of the Volcano (Storz & Bickel)
  • Food grade and tasteless materials
  • Robust electromechanical design
  • Equipped with a double helix heat exchanger
  • Equipped with an automatic shutdown function
  • Stainless steel cooling coil
  • 3 years (factory) warranty

* Vaporizing hash and concentrates is only possible with Drip Pads. These are not included as standard and can be ordered separately in our shop.

PLENTY Vaporizer User Guide

This unique vaporizer from Storz and Bickel really stands out in terms of user convenience. Providing you have a power point nearby. With that proviso, you won’t find any vaporizer that’s as easy to control as this one. 

You don’t have to charge up the PLENTY vaporizer first before you can use the unit. All you have to do is plug it into the power socket. Before doing that it’s a good idea to fill the herb chamber first. To do this, turn the orange clip on top of the handle a quarter turn. This opens the herb chamber for you. Then you can fill the herb chamber with whatever you want. For hash or concentrates you need to use the Drip Pads (not included). Fill the herb chamber completely but take care that sufficient air can flow through the smoking material.

Once filled, using the PLENTY vaporizer becomes pretty self-evident. Set the unit to the desired temperature by turning the orange button underneath the vaporizer and then switch on the vaporizer with the button on the top. The robust analogue thermometer now shows the vaporizer’s temperature very accurately. Wait until the desired temperature has been reached and take hold of the unit by the handle. Now you are ready to experience the PLENTY’s incredibly fine vapour. Tip: during this process press the ‘lever’ in the handle every now and then to stop the vaporizer from automatically switching itself off.

The Best Vaporizer According to Those in the Know

The PLENTY from Storz & Bickel is one of the most undervalued vaporizers on the market. At least as far as the general public is concerned. However, true vape connoisseurs know better. They are full of praise for the PLENTY as one of the best vaporizers. The reason for this is the vaporizer’s uniqueness. There are virtually no other portable vaporizers with an analogue thermometer and air tube. These enable you to read the temperature very accurately and depend on getting the best vaporizer weed vape in existence. The tube ensures that the vapour feels extra-cool and smooth in the lungs. Add in the ease of use and the 3-year warranty and the PLENTY is a model that a lot of people think you ought to try. Do you want to buy a unique vaporizer? If so then this is the model for you.

Herbs, Oils, Hashish and other Extracts

This gadget is not just a cannabis vaporizer. Besides the vaping of herbs and cannabis, you can also use oils, hash and extracts with this vaporizer. Vaporizing hash and concentrates is only possible with Drip Pads. These are not included as standard and can be ordered separately in our shop. This way you can vaporize anything you like, without it taking a lot of effort. Another benefit of the sponges: your vaporizer stays clean. Mind you: hashish cause the included liquid pads to tarnish just after one use. As such, we recommend to be using liquid pads with hashish for single use only.

PLENTY Temperature & Heating-Up 

The PLENTY is virtually the best vaporizer in terms of heating technique. The rapidity with which it heats up and the quality of the very cool vapour are features you only get with the very best vaporizers on the market. The PLENTY vaporizer (Storz and Bickel) has a very efficient evaporation system, and a helix-shaped stainless steel hose which permits the vapour to cool properly. The PLENTY vaporizer reaches the desired temperature in a very short period of time. The actual temperature can be read on the analogous meter fitted in the PLENTY vaporizer. The maximum temperature possible is about 210°C.

Buying a PLENTY Vaporizer? If you do then you’ll receive the following:

  • 1 Plenty vaporizer (including a 230-volt EU plug), hot vapour generator
  • 1 Filling chamber with cooling coil and nozzle
  • 1 Instructions Manual (English, German, French, Spanish)
  • 3 Pieces of gauze / screen
  • 1 Cleaning brush
  • 1 Grinder
  • 1 Liquid pad (for the vaporization of oils and fluids)
  • 2 Extra couplers (short and long) for mouthpiece and cooling coil coupling

Dosing Capsules

Valued accessories for all Storz & Bickel vaporizers are the dosing capsules. You can find the dosing capsules in the vaporizer accessories category or the recommended products. They are small capsules that you can fill yourself. Take them with you when you hit the road and you'll be ready to vape in seconds. Storz & Bickel vaporizer on, dosing capsule in the herb chamber and go! Note: to use the dosing capsules, you need a filling chamber reducer. The dosing capsules will not fit without a reducer.

Cleaning and Maintenance of the PLENTY Vaporizer

You must clean your Stroz and Bickel Vaporizer regularly to keep it in tip-top condition. Preferably after every session. This will prevent dirt getting the opportunity to stick and will save you from subsequent laborious cleaning work. Fortunately, on purchase you get a number of tools for keeping your device clean. Do you need any additional help? You can find everything for getting your vaporizer 100% clean again in our ‘Vaporizer Accessories’ category. Vaporizer cleaner, alcohol wipes, brushes and a whole lot more!

Storz and Bickel

At Storz and Bickel they make one of the best vaporizers in the world. They proudly build vaporizers so users can enjoy aromatherapy or medicinal cannabis. By maintaining the vaporizer in line with the provided instructions, a Storz & Bickel vaporizer lasts for years. Our Storz and Bickel collection includes all top models such as the Volcano, and we also supply all original replacement parts in case something gets lost or runs out. This will ensure you can always enjoy your quality vaporizer.

SKU 0814
GTIN 4260248820761
Availability In Stock
Brand Storz & Bickel
Method Convection (Hot Air)
Inhale Direct
Temperature Adjustable
Adjustable airflow Yes
Highest temperature 210
Lowest temperature 130
Heat-up Time 60
Portable Vaporizer No
Number of sessions per battery charge Unlimited (socket)
Oven Volume 0.70
Oven material Stainless steel
Smartphone App? Yes
Auto switch off Yes
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