Volcano Vaporizer Classic (Storz & Bickel)

Volcano Vaporizer Classic (Storz & Bickel)

The Volcano Vaporizer Classic is a decent electric weed vaporizer. It is a high quality product and if you want the best, this is your product. The herbs, cannabis, oils, hash of extracts will be evaporated (not burnt). It is healthier than smoking weed. It provides a better taste and the effect is more intense. The product has been tested and certified for safety, is durable, has a beautiful finish and the temperature can be set between 130 and 230 degrees Celsius. The desktop vaporizer from Storz & Bickel is the vaporizer for on your kitchen table! Available in different versions.

Storz & Bickel
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Available in a modern matt black Onyx version or with a silver-coloured, brushed stainless steel housing for a classic retro look.

Vaporizer of High Quality

The Volcano vaporizer Classic is a beautiful electric weed vaporizer. The Volcano vaporizer is made in Germany and has been on the market since the nineties. This vaporizer is of very high quality so if you want the best, you should definitely buy the Volcano.

Vaporizing is Healthier

With a vaporizer, herbs are evaporated, not burned. There is no combustion when weed is evaporated so it is healthier than smoking. When vaporized, you can really taste the true flavour of the weed and the effects are more intense.

Herbs, Oils, Hashish and other Extracts

The Volcano Classic is not just any weed vaporizer. In addition to vaping herbs or weed, you can also vape hash oil, BHO and other extracts such as rosin, shatter, wax and crumble. Moreover, the Volcano is also very suitable as a hash vaporizer. Supplied with this vape are metal sponges that absorb oils, hashish or extracts. This way you can vaporize anything you like, without it taking a lot of effort. Another benefit of the sponges: your vaporizer stays clean. Mind you: hashish cause the included liquid pads to tarnish just after one use. As such, we recommend to be using liquid pads with hashish for single use only.

No vaporizer is suitable for vaping CBD oil or homemade cannabis oil. A base oil is added to these oils to make dosing easier. Inhaling that oil vapor is unhealthy.

The Volcano Classic has the following advantages:

  • Tested and certified for safety
  • Adjustable temperature between 130 and 230 degrees Celsius
  • Digitally adjustable temperature
  • Very robust and durable
  • Suitable for herbs, cannabis, oil, hash and extracts
  • Nice finish and stylish design
  • 3 years warranty

Carefully chosen materials

The materials used in the Volcano Digital were carefully selected to be odourless and food safe. Only with the use of high quality materials can the vapour from vaporizers remain pure and clean. Volcano vaporizers are renowned for producing very clean and flavoursome vapour.

Volcano Classic | What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x Volcano Vaporizer Classic
  • 5 x Easy Valve Balloon with Mouthpiece (one with adapter)
  • 1 x Filling Chamber
  • 3 x Filling Chamber Clip
  • 6 x Normal Screen (approx. Ø 30 mm)
  • 1 x Cap Ring
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Drip Pad | Liquid Pad (approx. Ø 28 x 4 mm)
  • 1 x Air Filter Set
  • 1 x Storz & Bickel Grinder (Ø 55 mm)
  • Instructions for Use

Additional Components

Convert Volcano Easy Valve to Solid Valve? Buy the Solid Valve set (recommended products) and it's a piece of cake. Besides the Easy Valve and Solid Valve sets, we also have all sorts of other components for the desktop vaporizers from Storz & Bickel. Did you lose something or did something brake by accident? Do not panic, we have all components in stock. From balloons to cleaning sets.

Using Medicinal Cannabis (Mediwiet)

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Additional Information
BrandStorz & Bickel
MethodConvection (Hot Air)
Adjustable airflowNo
Highest temperature230°C
Lowest temperature110°C
Heat-up Time60sec
Portable VaporizerNo
Number of sessions per battery chargeUnlimited (socket)
Oven Volume0.45gr
Oven materialStainless steel
Smartphone App?Yes

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