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The revolutionary Furna Vaporizer with its exchangeable furnaces is the best vaporizer on the go. Pre-fill the ovens with your favourite weed, hash or concentrates and you can vaporize other smokables within seconds. Wherever you are! With a fully charged battery you can do up to 20 sessions. The insulated air passage and ceramic cooling element guarantee an authentic taste. You can choose between temperatures from 160°C to 215°C and you get a lot of extras that allow you to fully customize each part. Check out the information, images and videos on this page to get an idea of the great design and endless possibilities of the Furna Vaporizer. A real winner to use on the go! Note: do you want to vape concentrates? Choose the Concentrate Starter Kit or order the Concentrate Oven separately.

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The Best Vaporizer on the Go

The revolutionary Furna Vaporizer is the best vaporizer on the go. This is because this portable vaporizer has a unique system that allows you to switch between pre-filled ovens within seconds. This way you can switch from your favourite weed to your favourite hash or concentrate in no time. The Furna is completely customizable through the numerous functions in the menu. Are you looking for a portable vaporizer with a beautiful design and extreme ease of use on the go? Then choose the Furna and read what this unit has to offer.

Specifications & Advantages Furna Vaporizer:

  • Revolutionary Furna Vaporizer
  • Perfectly portable: the best vaporizer on the go
  • Exchangeable ovens for extra convenience
  • Suitable for weed. (Hash and weed concentrates only with the Concentrates Oven)*. 
  • Conduction heating method
  • Insulated air passage & ceramic cooling element
  • Temperatures: 160°C to 215°C (in 5°C increments)
  • Extremely powerful battery: 3500 mAh
  • Up to 20 sessions per fully charged battery
  • Maximum 30 seconds warm-up time
  • Complete Kit Includes: 2 dry herb ovens, filling aid, cleaning brush, multitool, charging cable, extra screens, silicone cover and extra nibs
  • Customize your ovens with nibs and customizable symbols on the display
  • Warranty: 2 years

*Concentrate Oven not included with Complete Kit & Dry Herb Starter Kit. Order separately or choose the Concentrate Starter Kit. Vape hash only using Vape Wool.

Exchangeable Ovens & Nibs

The revolutionary feature of the Furna Vaporizer has to do with the exchangeable ovens. When you buy the complete kit, you get two dry herb ovens for weed. And if you want to vape concentrates or hash you can order a concentrates oven separately (or directly choose the Concentrate Starter Kit). Do you fill them before you leave? Then you can switch between different types of weed, hash or concentrates in a matter of seconds. Take a look at the pictures above or the video below to see how easy it is.

In every oven there is a silicon nib. Inside the nib is a ceramic cooling element and a stainless steel screen. You get different coloured nibs with your vaporizer, so you can distinguish between the ovens. For example, the oven with the black nib will hold your favourite weed, the purple one your tasty hash and the light blue one your strong wax. Your vaporizer helps you too. When you click an oven in the vaporizer, a corresponding symbol appears on your display. Of course you can adjust this yourself through the menu of the Furna Vaporizer. Simply fantastic and super handy on the go.

Temperature & Battery

The Furna Vaporizer uses a conduction heating method. In combination with the isolated airflow and the ceramic cooling element, this guarantees an authentic taste of your weed, herbs, hash or concentrate. You can set the vaporizer from 160°C to 215°C. The buttons on the vaporizer allow you to make steps of 5 degrees Celsius. The maximum heating time of the Furna Vaporizer is only 30 seconds. So you never have to wait long.

The Furna Vaporizer has an extremely strong 3500 mAh battery. When fully charged, you can do 14 to 20 sessions with it. Of course, this depends on the temperature you use and the length of the sessions. The interactive heat-up control ensures that your vaporizer saves energy when you are not vaping between sessions. But of course it's always at the right temperature when you're ready for your next hit.

User Manual Furna Vaporizer

Using the slide on the side, you can click the various ovens out of the vaporizer. Take the oven out of the vaporizer and twist off the top to open the herb chamber. Fill it with your favourite smokable and put the oven back into the vaporizer with the mouth piece facing upwards.

Press the side button (B1) 5 times in quick succession to turn the vaporizer on. Then press the button on the bottom (B2) to enter the menu for different modes. Once in the right menu (for example temperature) you can use button B1 to change the setting and then press button B2 again to save the setting. In this way you can set the screen brightness, temperature, symbols and language. Or switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit. 

For more information, see the handy images and videos on this page. Or consult the manual of the vaporizer.

Suitable Concentrates, Hash and Weed Vaporizer

When you purchase the Furna Vaporizer Complete kit, you will receive two dry herb ovens which makes it immediately suitable for use as a weed vaporizer. However, do you also order a concentration oven (sold separately)? Or do you choose the Concentrate Starter Kit? Then the Furna can also be used as a concentration or hash vaporizer. Make sure you use a little vape wool when vaping hash. This prevents your oven from getting irreparably dirty. 

The concentrates oven and necessary vape wool for hash can be found in the recommended products on this page.

Content of the Package

Complete Kit

  • Furna Vaporizer
  • 2 dry herb ovens (including light blue nibs)
  • Funnel | Filling aid
  • 2 extra nibs (black & purple)
  • Silicone cover
  • Multi tool
  • Brush
  • 3 oven screens & 3 nib screens
  • Charging cable (micro USB)
  • User manual & Quick Start Guide (EN, FR, ESP)

Dry Herb Starter Kit

  • Furna Vaporizer
  • 1 dry herb oven (incl. nib)
  • Funnel | Filling aid
  • Multitool
  • Charging cable (micro USB)
  • User manual & Quick Start Guide (EN, FR, ESP)

Concentrate Starter Kit

  • Furna Vaporizer
  • 1 concentrate oven (incl. nib)
  • Multitool
  • Charging cable (micro USB)
  • User manual & Quick Start Guide (EN, FR, ESP)

Funa Vaporizer Cleaning & Maintenance

You must clean your Furna Vaporizer regularly to keep it in tip-top condition. Preferably after every session. This will prevent dirt getting the opportunity to stick and will save you from subsequent laborious cleaning work. Fortunately, on purchase you get a number of tools for keeping your device clean. Do you need any additional help? You can find everything for getting your vaporizer 100% clean again in our ‘Vaporizer Accessories’ category. Vaporizer cleaner, alcohol wipes, brushes and a whole lot more! Do you prefer to have it all in one set? Check out the Vaporizer Cleaning Kit at 'Others Also Viewed' on this page.

About Furna

Furna is the only vaporizer designed with exchangeable ovens for dried herbs and weed concentrates. Why? Because it is faster and easier to prepare, change, share and use. All so you can concentrate on the pleasure of what you have bought this portable vaporizer for. No more pain and effort required to operate and maintain a vaporizer. All you have to do is enjoy it when you're on the go.

SKU G-2460
Brand Furna
Method Direct with Heatcup
Inhale Direct
Temperature Adjustable Digital Display
Adjustable airflow Yes
Highest temperature 215
Lowest temperature 160
Heat-up Time 30
Portable Vaporizer Yes
Number of sessions per battery charge 15-20 Sessions
Oven Volume 0.25
Oven material Stainless steel
Smartphone App? Yes
Auto switch off Yes
While it's a shame that the additional ovens aren't supplied with it, I do love the product development that went into this. Hey, and I don't even vape wax! As for the weed - it tastes amazing and the amount of vapour is up there with all the other big boys. Recommended, but take note that this does not include the concentrate oven out of the box.
Review by Nico

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