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The latest creation from DynaVap: The "B". Specially designed for beginner users. An entry-level mechanical vaporizer, without battery. Just fill the cap with your favorite weed or herbs, heat for a few seconds with a torch lighter, wait for the click and vape away! It's that simple. The DynaVap The B Vaporizer consists of 4 stainless steel parts and a silicone base that doubles as a mouthpiece. You can adjust the airflow to your liking and if you use Vape Wool, you can also vaporize hash with it. Versatile, affordable, simple, effective and flavorful!

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Battery-free Entry-level Vaporizer

Tasty and effective vaping for a few dollars? For that the DynaVap The B Vaporizer is more than suitable. If you want to experience what it's like to vaporize weed or other dry herbs instead of burning (smoking), you can do that just fine with The B Vaporizer. Note that this vaporizer has no battery and you have to heat it yourself with a torch lighter (blue flame). 

Features & advantages DynaVap The B Vaporizer

  • Mechanical, battery-free vaporizer
  • Heat it yourself with a torch lighter (blue flame)
  • Experience vaporizing instead of smoking at an affordable price
  • Suitable for weed, other dry herbs and hash*
  • Consists of five parts made of stainless steel and silicone
  • Smaller than a pen
  • Change the airflow and intensity of flavor by using the air hole
  • Put The B Vaporizer on any bong or bubbler with SG10 fitting
  • Optimized cap for more efficient extraction 
  • The B is not compatible with the DynaCoil
  • Size: 8.9 x 1.4 cm
  • 90 days manufacturer's warranty from DynaVap

*Want to vape hash with the DynaVap The B Vaporizer? Then first put a small amount of Vape Wool in the cap (recommended products). Otherwise, you may damage the vaporizer beyond repair.

How to use the DynaVap B Vaporizer?

This vaporizer is not battery operated. You will have to heat it yourself with a torch lighter. This is a gas lighter with a blue flame. Do not use a normal lighter. The DynaVap vaporizers work with a click system. When you heat the vaporizer you will hear a click as soon as the desired temperature is reached. When the vaporizer has cooled down you will hear this click again. We recommend practicing before vaping with weed or herbs. Then you will recognize the click better and avoid using the vaporizer incorrectly and breaking it. Have you mastered it? Then you can use the vaporizer as follows.

  1. Remove the top cap from the vaporizer, fill it with weed or other herbs and put it back on the vaporizer. Crumble only a little and don't make the weed very fine for best results.
  2. Heat the center of the cap with a torch lighter (not the top). Rotate the cap around while you are heating. 
  3. Keep heating until you hear and feel the click.
  4. Inhale through the silicone mouthpiece. Take long, gentle puffs of several seconds. Experiment a bit with the air hole to change the airflow and flavor. 
  5. Keep inhaling until you hear another click. The vaporizer has now cooled down again. You should reheat it if the weed or herbs in the bowl are not yet used up.
  6. When no more vapor is released, the weed or herbs have run out. Let the cap cool before taking it off and remove the residue. 

Note: Stop heating immediately when you hear the click. Are you not doing this? Then you may damage the vaporizer beyond repair. Also, make sure the vaporizer is clicked back to cool before reheating. Not sure if it's already cooled down? To be sure, blow on the top of the cap for a while.

Vape weed, other dry herbs & Hash

The DynaVap The B Vaporizer is suitable for weed and herbs - any dried herbs you can think of. In addition, The B is suitable for vaping hash. Though for that you should lay a chunk of hemp fibre first in the VapCap before loading it with finely crumbled hash (refer to recommended products). Please note that The B is not suitable for concentrates, oil or wax.

Airflow & Versatility

The DynaVap The B Vaporizer can be called versatile. Not only because you can vaporize both weed and hash with it. It is a very fast vaporizer that you can use anytime as long as you have a torch lighter with you. No hassle with dead batteries. Plus, you can put the silicone base on any bong or bubbler with an SG10 fitting (~10 mm). And would you prefer a stainless steel base instead of silicone? Then you can connect the tip to it using O-rings. 

A great features of DynaVap Vaporizers is that you can control the airflow. Close the air hole while inhaling, leave it open or close halfway to control the amount of air. This determines the intensity and flavor of the vapor.

Per package:

  • DynaVap The “B” Vaporizer

Cleaning and Maintenance

The same as for any vaporizer, it’s important to properly maintain your device. With proper maintenance your DynaVap Vaporizer will go on forever. Scrub The B clean after use with ethylalcohol. For your convenience, you can order this at the same time via the recommended products.


At the heart of the DynaVap company, there is a team of designers, engineers and inventors. They are an American team of enthusiasts who do everything in their power to keep developing innovative, mechanical vaporizers. As they design and construct all the vaporizers themselves in-house, DynaVap is fully in control. They use only high-quality materials to develop battery-free vaporizers.

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GTIN 425093096855
Availability In Stock
Brand Dynavap
Method Direct with Heatcup
Inhale Direct
Temperature Manual Heating
Adjustable airflow Yes
Heat-up Time 10
Portable Vaporizer Yes
Number of sessions per battery charge Unlimited (no battery)
Oven Volume 0.15
Oven material Stainless steel
Smartphone App? Yes
Auto switch off No
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