Stargate 2.0 (6 pills)

Stargate 2.0 (6 pills)
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Ever heard of Stargate 2.0? It is a natural herb formula. It produces nice, euphoric feelings and an energy boost. Once you have taken the capsule, you will notice your skin goes tickling and you can go on with partying! It somewhat resembles the effect of XTC, but is 100% natural. Please take into account the recommended dose, but also your sensitivity and body weight. A pack of Stargate 2.0 contains six capsules.



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Stargate 2.0

Stargate 2.0 is a new and advanced natural herb formula that greatly resembles the “real thing”. The Stargate pills contain a smart combination of euphoria and energy-inducing ingredients that take each user to a higher level. They provide a natural ecstasy that makes one feel happy and uninhibited for hours.

  • Suitable for multiple occasions
  • Capsule with natural ingredients
  • Easy application
  • Handy small package containing 6 capsules


Stargate 2.0 provides you with a fine combination of euphoric feelings and boundless energy. Your skin will tingle, you will feel warm waves in your body and you can keep on partying. It has similar effects as to those of xtc, but it is 100% natural.

Suitable for Multiple Occasions

You might think that Stargate 2.0 is meant for a night out and staying up nights. Of course it is an ideal product for doing that, but it is also suitable for other occasions. With Stargate you will become closer when spending an evening amongst friends. You will have primarily pleasant conversation.


The recommended dose is 2 to 4 capsules, considering your weight and sensitivity to such products. The capsules should be taken with plenty of water or juice, while sober (2-2,5 hours after your last meal). The user can expect to start feeling the effects within 45 minutes. Up to 4 capsules can be taken every twenty four hours.

Content packaging

1 package of Stargate contains 6 capsules

Content of the Capsules

Tri-Xanthine herbs extract (green tea extract, cacao bone extract, yerba mate extract), l-tyrosine, gelatine, cayenne extract, ginger extract, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, Chromium polynicotinate.


Do not use the capsules in combination with alcohol or MAO-inhibitors (monoamine-oxidase inhibitor). Not suitable for people under 18. Not suitable for people with cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and/or stomach problems. Do not use while pregnant or breast-feeding. Stop use immediately if nervousness, tremors, insomnia, decreased appetite, nausea and/or palpitations occur. Consult a physician prior to use in combination with other medicines and stimulants. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place.


For the use of dietary supplements, it is always important to first read the label. Are you pregnant of breastfeeding? Do not use our dietary supplements. Also read the description for safe use.

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