Energy-E (Happy Caps) 4 capsules

Energy-E (Happy Caps) 4 capsules

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You generate new energy with Energy-E from Happy Caps. Great capsules which make your party or festival complete. Energy-E will give your body a healthy dose of energy so you can party all day or all night. It also gives you pleasant tingling sensations and peps you up. The capsules are packaged in a small plastic bag which you can carry with you in your jacket or trouser pocket. Energy-E starts to work about 45 minutes after taken. Take 1 or maximum 2 capsules for the desired effect. Lets you get completely out of it without getting tired. 4 capsules per pack!

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The Ultimate Party Pill

Energy-E is the ultimate party pill. Take this capsule when you want to keep going all night. With Energy-E from Happy Caps you boost yourself with new energy so you won’t get tired at all. If you’re thinking you should be going home already, Energy-E will put those thoughts right out of your head. With Energy-E your parties are much more fun!

Features of Energy-E from Happy Caps.

  • Give you extra energy
  • Easy to use
  • Perfectly suited to parties and festivals
  • Excellent mix of legal ingredients

For parties and festivals

You can of course use Energy-E any time if you need some energy. But the capsules were specially designed for parties and festivals. As well as more energy, you also get a tingling and boosted feeling. With these Happy Caps you can continue to party day and night.

Easy to use

Energy-E from Happy Caps is easy to use. The capsules can be taken easily with a glass of water or fruit juice. But be careful with the dosage. Take a maximum of 2 capsules about 45 minutes before the desired effect. Do not exceed this recommended dosage. Energy-E capsules from Happy Caps are packaged in a small plastic bag. So you can easily take them in your trouser pocket to a party or festival. Depending on the dosage, a trip can last around 3 to 6 hours.

Package content

  • 4 capsules


Beta alanine 390 mg, l-arginine 180 mg, l-carnitine, rhodiola rosea 160 mg, guarana 160 mg, bioperine 80 mg, vitamin & mineral complex 40 mg, amino acid complex 15

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Energy-E (Happy Caps) 4 capsules

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