Space-E (Happy Caps) 4 capsules

Space-E (Happy Caps) 4 capsules
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Looking for a legal product for a party? Space-E capsules are outstandingly suitable for parties or festivals. As well as giving you a healthy energy boost, they make your body tingle. Light and sound are increased in intensity. The capsules consist of a powerful mix of herbs and are easy to take with a glass of water or fruit juice. Space-E capsules give the party or festival that extra touch you’re looking for. Take 1 or 2 capsules per 24 hours. Enjoy!

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Space-E is a food supplement with energy-giving properties. You will tingle and become more active physically. The capsules consist of a power mix of all kinds of herbs that will give you plenty of energy for an evening of partying.


  • Ideally suitable for parties
  • Mixture of all kinds of powerful herbs
  • Legal way of getting spaced
  • Easy to take

Effect Space-E

The Space-E capsules contain a low dose of Hawaiian Baby Wood rose and, in combination with other spices such as caffeine and L-tryptophan, a unique effect is produced. It puts you in the party mood, gives you a high feeling, extra energy, and ensures that sound and light are an intense experience.


Space-E is very easy to use. They are capsules which you can simply take with a glass of water or fruit juice. Take 1 to 2 capsules for a pleasant effect. Start with 1 Space-E capsule to get used to the effect. Not enough? Then take 1 more capsule later. Maximum dosage is 2 capsules in 24 hours.

Package contents

  • 4 capsules in a bag

Composition per capsule

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose 75 mg, L-tryptophan 50 mg, caffeine 40 mg, L-tyrosine 30 mg, theobromine 15 mg, vitamin B6 10 mg, E959, magnesium stearate, calcium dioxide, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (vega capsule).

This is a nutritional supplement. Not for minors. Read the instructions on the packaging before use.

Psychoactive Products

When you start using products with psychoactive or hallucinogenic properties, it is important you inform yourself about the products. Therefore, carefully read this disclaimer.

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