All Natural Party Drugs & Energy Boosters

Are you looking for stimulants which are comparable to ‘speed’, 4-FMP or XTC? Then you have come to the right place. Here you can find energy-enhancing, natural products and party drugs which will give a substantial dose of energy and a pleasant high. 100% legal.

During a Party or for Fatigue

Whether you’re at a party and want to get in the mood or are simply very tired, everyone needs extra energy at times. The products in this category are food supplements which contain certain energy-enhancing substances. Ideal if you need more energy for working, studying, sporting activities or partying. Your dip in energy is postponed and you can carry on without feeling tired. These party drugs and energy-enhancing products can be compared to speed (pep), XTC or 4-FMP. They are not illegal and we sell only natural herbs and herb mixtures. A better more user-friendly and simpler alternative. 

Party Drugs

For many people party drugs bring to mind illegal and addictive substances which are bad for your health. But that is not always the case. Here with us you can find products which are 100% legal and - in most cases - 100% natural. So you don’t have to buy these products from a street dealer. Do you want to be active, experience feelings of euphoria, tingling sensations and a chilled high? You can get that with the party drugs in this category. Available in all kinds of types and strengths. Can be ordered online.

Not addictive or damaging to your health

Are you put off by the terms speed, XTC and 4-FMP? That’s not at all necessary. Naturally we do not sell any heavy stuff which is addictive and bad for you! Our range is almost 100% natural. For comparison: in true party drugs there are chemical substances to which you can get addicted and which are bad for your health. Our products are not like that. We sell only the secrets of Mother Nature. Try for yourself!

Main products

  • Coffee and tea. Tea or coffee powders which consist of a mixture of herbs. Energy-generating, concentration-enhancing and simply delicious.
  • Energy- and euphoria-generating capsules. An abundance of substances and stimulants such as kryptonite, nitro ecstasy, guarana, kanna, caffeine, L-tryptophan and Cola nitida.
  • Energy-generating powders. Powders for using in many ways. For mixing with water, tea, coffee, other hot drinks and soft drinks. Can also be used as a flavour enhancer or as a sexual stimulant.


Energy products know a long history. The herbs and seeds of which many products are made, were already used in earlier times in South-America and Africa. In those times, many products were already used for other purposes than obtaining energy. Think of improving digestion and inducing psychoactive effects.

Our best brands

Energy products are of high quality and are from the well-known labels. Every label has its own identity and qualities.

  • Herbs of the Gods has a diverse offer or herbs and seeds that can be mixed with hot or cold drinks. These herbs or seeds do not only provide energy, they also have a beneficial influence on the human body. For example, some Herbs of the Gods' products can have a positive effect on the blood circulation or the nervous system.
  • Happy Caps principally has products suitable for parties and festivals. Happy Caps products do not only provide a euphoric feeling, they also bring you into the party mood, so you can easily stay the whole night on the dance floor. All Happy Caps products are capsules that can easily be taken in with a glass of water.

Got you interested? Check out our Range! 

Planning to go out in the evening, after a busy working week? Or you still have to work several hours? In both cases Dutch-Headshop can help you out with a complete offer of energy products.


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