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You can vape or chew salvia divinorum leaves to invoke a short but intense trip. Salvia drugs are the strongest, natural tripping substances on earth. That means you need only the smallest amount for tripping. A salvia trip is an unrivalled experience. Nothing else compares to tripping on salvia plants. Are you curious about salvia effects? You can buy all kinds of salvia divinorum on this page. Easily ordered and delivered to your home – now the tripping can begin!

Salvia Drugs

Salvia Divinorum contains the most powerful natural hallucinogen: Salvinorin A. Chewing or vaporizing the dried leaves leads to a tough salvia trip with dissociative characteristics. With Salvia drugs reality is turned completely upside down and all rules disappeared from the world. You don't know Salvia yet? Then start with the dried leaves before trying the powerful extracts. Salvia drugs are available as dried leaves and as extract in various strengths.

  • Dried Salvia Divinorum leaves for novice psychonauts
  • For the experienced Salvia user: Extracts from 5 to 40 (!) times the strength of the leaves
  • Trip stopper and Trip sitter supplements that provide an exit from the salvia trip

It’s completely legal to buy salvia divinorum. You can easily buy it from us and have it delivered to your home.

Salvia Effects

This special salvia plant induces powerful and relatively short-lived hallucinations and is therefore definitely not a party drug. The salvia effects are not simply comparable to other hallucinogenics such as magic mushrooms, truffles or mescaline. Salvia drugs can bring you a heavy trip. With strong concentrates, time travel visions arise and even out-of-body experiences are possible. When vaping Salvia the tripping effects start almost immediately, though they last shorter than when chewing Salvia.

Salvia Trip: You Need to Know This

Don’t underestimate a salvia trip. There are a number of things to consider before you try salvia drugs for the first time. Just because you have experience with other psychedelic tripping substances, doesn’t mean that you know about salvia. The trips are very different and that makes it dangerous, even for experienced psychonauts.

Salvia effects may be pleasurable, but sometimes the opposite happens. There can be frightening effects, especially with the strong extracts. Not everyone experiences a salvia drugs trip as pleasurable. If you aren’t familiar with a salvia trip, then we strongly recommend you to start cautiously with a low dose of salvia leaves. Hold off from the extract until you are experienced in the world of salvia effects.

A tripsitter is a must! Just as in the case of other psychedelics, it’s highly recommended to have a tripsitter at hand when you go on a trip. With salvia drugs, this applies even more. Example: it can happen that during a salvia trip someone sees a window in front of a door that they must go through. The consequence: you can work that out for yourself. This is an example of the kind of weird delusions that can occur during a salvia trip. So, for your own safety: make sure a tripsitter is present who can quickly intervene if things start to go badly. We mean a tripsitter who is sober and alert.

Salvia Divinorum: History and Usage

The natural habitat of Salvia Divinorum is Sierra Mazateca in southern Mexico. Yet, under conditioned circumstances, the Salvia plant can also be grown in the Netherlands or Europe. The Mazatec shamans chew on the leaves though they do not swallow the juice. By keeping the chewed leaf pulp in the mouth for a minute or 10, the active substance is absorbed in the blood through the oral mucosa.

The wild salvia plant is used by the Mazatecs during religious rituals or as a medicine for diarrhea, headache and rheumatism. Nowadays, Salvia drugs is especially loved because of the psychedelic trip and as part of healing rituals. In addition to chewing, Salvia can also be vaped in a bong, weed pipe or Salvia pipe.

We recommend the inexperienced Salvia users to start with the leaves. In case you do not get the desired salvia effects, try one of the extracts. Only use Salvia when you are in a safe environment and make sure there is someone staying sober. The functioning of the locomotor system is reduced under the influence of Salvia, therefore the user may fall. As far as known, Salvia is not mentally nor physically addictive.

Salvia Plant

The salvia plant comes in many guises. Salvia divinorum is by no means the only one. There are all kinds of other variants. Examples:

  • Salvia Nemorosa
  • Salvia Officinalis
  • Salvia Caradonna
  • Salvia Microphylla (Salvia Hotlips)

Each salvia plant is naturally occuring. But out of all these, there is only one with the unparalleled hallucinogenic effects and the disassociative properties: the salvia divinorum. So don’t be confused if you look in the kitchen and see sage there. There is a big difference between officinalis and divinorum. You can only trip with the latter one!

Are You Using Salvia Drugs? Warning!

We want to say that using salvia drugs is not your everyday activity. For that reason, we have listed a few cautions for you. Read these before you proceed to buy salvia divinorum and go on a trip with this potent substance:

  • Start off with a mild dose of leaves and definitely not with a strong extract
  • Never take salvia drugs standing up. Go and sit or lie down before you take salvia
  • Use salvia only in a peaceful environment and certainly not in a public space
  • Make sure a tripsitter is present during a salvia trip
  • Salvia divinorum is not for minors.

Buying Salvia Divinorum

Explore the cosmos with salvia drugs and experience a magnificent salvia trip. Thinking of buying salvia divinorum? That's easy, just visit the Dutch-Headshop online smartshop. We stock all kinds of leaves and extracts. In addition, you can find all the information you need to experience a safe and pleasant salvia trip on this page and in our blog. In short: Dutch Headshop is theplace to buy salvia divinorum!


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