OCB Premium Rolling Papers | King-Size Slim

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Premium OCB rolling papers in King-Size Slim format. This long rolling paper from the "Black Thinking Collection" is ultra-thin and has a size of 109 x 45 mm. OCB rolling papers are known as one of the most natural, vegan papers on the market. The rolling papers are made of natural flax plant fibers, which makes your joint burn nice and slow. The glue line is made with natural gum from sustainable African acacia trees that are GMO-free. The package is made with vegetable ink and recycled cardboard. It just doesn't get any more sustainable than this. Each pack of Premium OCB rolling papers contains 32 papers. If you choose a box of 50 packages you automatically get a bigger discount!

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OCB Rolling Papers | King-Size Slim

If you want to smoke as sustainably as possible you should choose the long rolling papers of OCB. This Black Thinking Collection is extra thin and transparent. It rolls very nicely and your joints will always burn smoothly and evenly. Check out the specifications to see why OCB is the most sustainable rolling paper in the world. 

Specifications OCB Papers - Premium Black Thinking:

  • Premium OCB rolling paper
  • King-Size Slim format: 109 x 45 mm
  • Ultra thin long rolling paper
  • Made from natural flax plant fibres
  • Completely natural, GMO-free and vegan friendly
  • Glue line made of natural arabic gum
  • Burns slowly and evenly
  • Package made with vegetable ink and recycled cardboard
  • Available in a single pack or box of long rolling papers
  • Package with 32 rolling papers
  • Extra cheap box with 50 packages

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About OCB

OCB is a French brand that has been making cigarette and rolling papers for over 100 years. Since its founding in 1918, the brand has made not only world-famous Premium OCB Papers but also filter tips, cones and all kinds of other smoking accessories. OCB has been exporting its products across the ocean since the 1930s. It has factories all over the world. So OCB rolling papers are also available all over the world. To sum up: do you want a quality product with years of experience woven into it? Go for OCB Papers!

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Brand OCB
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OCB Premium Rolling Papers | King-Size Slim

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