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With the RAW Classic Connoisseur King-Size Slim rolling paper and Tips you’ll be all set up for a while. And if you buy a box you’ll be sure to have no worries in the near future about running out of long rolling paper or tips. RAW Classic Connoisseur rolling paper burns evenly, is unbleached and light-brown in colour. There are 32 rolling papers and 24 tips in a packet. A box has a generous 24 packets. The big advantage of the connoisseur packaging is that you always have your rolling paper and tip in one place. No loose packages anymore. After smoking with this rolling paper and tips, you won’t want to try anything else.

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RAW Classic Connoisseur Rolling Paper

You can roll the perfect joint with traditional RAW King-Size Slim rolling paper. This long paper is unbleached and brown in colour. The paper burns evenly which adds to the enjoyment of smoking a joint. It’s important for regular smokers to have high-quality rolling paper. And that’s what you get with RAW Classic Connoisseur King-Size Slim rolling paper. The paper is 100% natural and vegan. With the Connoisseur packages, RAW made sure you always have your papers and tips in just one package. Comfortable and fast rolling.

Want to Buy a Box of Long Raw Rolling Paper?

RAW Connoisseur King-Size Slim rolling paper [is niet alleen per los pakje verkrijgbaar, maar ook per doos. Wij bieden jou de mogelijkheid om op een voordelige manier een voorraadje vloeipapier in te slaan, want hoe meer vloei je bestelt hoe goedkoper het wordt. Twijfel daarom niet langer en bestel gelijk een hele doos. Dat scheelt weer een hoop gedoe.]


  • RAW Connoisseur Rolling Paper
  • King-size Slim format
  • Dimensions: 110 x 44 mm
  • Weight: 13 g/m2
  • Made from unbleached hemp
  • 32 RAW Connoisseur rolling papers and 24 tips
  • 24 packets of long paper per box
  • Made in Spain

About RAW

RAW is one of the largest smoking brands in the world. The brand makes only natural and environmentally friendly products. They are gluten-free, chlorine-free and not made from genetically modified plants. 100% vegan-friendly. In RAW’s range you will find authentic and non-refined smoking materials such as rolling papers, tips, cones, rolling trays and accessories. Through its range, RAW endeavours to create a true smoker’s lifestyle and thus features a lot of merchandising products. As well as the smoking materials and merchandise, there is also a genuine RAW Foundation which promotes equality for all mankind. The foundation organises different charitable projects in poor countries.

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Brand RAW
Size King-Size Slim
Length Filter tip 59
Unbleached Yes
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RAW Connoisseur Classic Papers and Tips | King-Size Slim

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