Greengo Rolling Papers | King-Size Slim

Greengo Rolling Papers | King-Size Slim

The most popular rolling paper for smokers in the Netherlands: Greengo Rolling Paper King-Size Slim! This is the most sustainable, long rolling paper you can find anywhere. It is made from 100% chlorine- and bleach-free, FSC approved and recycled rolling paper (including the packaging). The adhesive edge is made from Arabic gum. Even the taste on your tongue differs from other brands’ rolling papers. Light one up and you’ll be completely sold. The strength and watermark make rolling a delight and it doesn’t tear. It’s been the favourite rolling paper of stoners for a long time and not without reason. Try it for yourself. Go Greengo!

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Brown Rolling Paper for your Joint

Greengo’s brown rolling paper is pure nature. 100% free from bleach and chlorine which makes it a lot nicer than long paper from other brands. Yes, really. Test it yourself. There are an abundance of environmental benefits: FSC approved and recycled rolling paper with natural gum. No chemicals and attractively brown in colour. In short, the most sustainable you can get. The rolling paper is King-Size Slim. That is to say 110 x 44 mm and no unnecessary extra rolling paper on your joint. This will be your new favourite long rolling paper, no doubt!

Want to Buy a Box of Rolling Paper?

Buying Greengo? You can always opt to buy either a packet or an entire box of long rolling paper from us. A box of King-Size Slim rolling paper is a lot easier on your wallet and you won’t have to leave the house or order it any more. A box of Greengo long rolling paper will give you no less than 1,650 papers. That should keep you going for a while, shouldn’t it?

Specifications for Greengo King-Size Rolling Paper:

  • Brown rolling paper from Greengo
  • King-Size Slim format: 110 x 44 mm
  • 100% unbleached
  • Featured watermark
  • Weight: 14 gr/m2
  • Made from FSC approved, recycled paper
  • 100% free from chlorine and chemicals
  • Gum arabic | adhesive edge
  • Available in individual packet or box of long rolling paper
  • Packet with 33 papers
  • Extra economical box with 50 packets

About Greengo

Greengo products have proved enormously popular with joint smokers for many years already. Greengo is a trade name for TGC Trading which also sells vaporizers and even caps and shirts in addition to smokers’ wares like paper and tips. The wholesaler offers high-quality products for keen prices. As far as it can, this brand strives to make 100% natural products so that joint smokers can enjoy the most natural smoke possible. With its great-looking products, Greengo has developed into a very well-known name in the sector. Go Green, smoke Greengo!

Additional Information
SKU G-2044-2045
Price 0.85
Brand Greengo
Size King-Size Slim
Kleur Brown
Unbleached Yes

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