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Dutch-Headshop Rolling Papers | King-Size

Long rolling papers from Dutch-Headshop are of exactly the same quality as those of Flamez, Smoking and other big brands. With us, you just pay a lot less! Our long rolling papers are King-sized (108 x 53 mm), which makes it easy to smoke inside-out and to roll big joints. The paper is made of 100% wood pulp. This makes the paper nice and firm, extra transparent and your joint will burn smoothly and evenly. In other words: you get the highest quality for the lowest price and that is exactly what the Dutch-Headshop brand stands for. Want an extra advantage? Then go for a nice box of 50 packs. You will automatically receive an extra discount. 

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High Quality Long Rolling Papers

Don't let the low price of our house brand long rolling papers scare you off. We know better than anyone that you don't want to roll with weak papers that continuously tear. Therefore we have made sure that our house brand rolling papers are of the highest quality. Exactly the same as for example Flamez or Smoking papers. Our long rolling papers do not tear, always burn calmly and evenly (no burning in) and the packages are slightly water repellent so they do not stick together. Judge for yourself!

Dutch-Headshop Rolling Paper & Tip

In addition to long rolling papers, we also have wide tips of our own house brand. You can find them at the recommended products on this page. Our tips are nice and firm and extra wide. Just like our rolling papers you won't find a cheaper alternative. So: if you want to smoke with the best quality rolling papers & tips at the best price, you know what to choose.

Specifications Dutch-Headshop King-Size Rolling Paper:

  • Transparent long rolling papers
  • King-size: 108 x 53 mm
  • Same quality as long rolling papers from the big brands
  • Weight: 14 gr/m2
  • Made of 100% wood pulp
  • Packs are slightly water-repellent thanks to a silicone layer
  • Extra strong so no more tearing
  • The liquid burns slow and even (no burning in)
  • Available in single pack and box of long smoking papers
  • Pack contains 33 papers
  • Extra cheap box with 50 packages

Buying a box of long rolling papers

Our rolling papers are the cheapest on the market. Yet it can never be cheap enough. That's why you get an extra discount when you buy a complete box of long rolling papers. A box contains 50 packages. You can use it as a display. With a box you can make sure you will never run out of rolling papers again. Use it to your benefit!

Dutch-Headshop Private Label

Top quality for a competitive price, where we can tell you all about it. That is the Private label of Dutch-Headshop. We buy from the best suppliers and ensure that you get the best quality. In addition, we do our best to keep the amount of packaging material as low as possible and thus save our environment. Our products are safe, legal and healthy and our customer service is ready to answer your questions. What else do you want?

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