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You can of course buy RAW rolling paper and tips separately. But with RAW Organic Connoisseur you get everything in one. And purely natural! You get 32 King-Size Slim papers made from 100% unbleached hemp and 32 unprocessed tips in each packet. Thanks to its watermark, this pure rolling paper burns slowly and evenly, and it contains no added lime or bleaching agents. RAW rolling paper from hemp burns in an extra pure way. Vanzelfsprekend kun je bij ons terecht voor een enkel pakje of direct een extra voordelige doos kopen met 24 pakjes.

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Want to always have the most natural rolling paper and tips to hand? The paper in RAW Organic Connoisseur is the same as RAW Rolling Paper Organic Kingsize Slim for really long-term enjoyment of the best joints. Because the paper has a special watermark, your joint burns for a long time and in an even manner.

RAW Organic Rolling Paper

RAW Organic Rolling Paper in King-Size Slim. This is rolling paper taken to the next eco-level. This unbleached RAW paper is manufactured from hemp which is planted and harvested in an ecologically sound way. Because the light-brown, unprocessed rolling paper is free from lime or bleach you enjoy a smoking experience which is closer to nature. Good for your body and good for nature. Organic rolling paper is especially good in a pure joint because you are then smoking nothing else apart from the hemp family. But RAW Organic Rolling Paper is often used for rolling traditional joints as well. Thanks to its gummed edge made from natural, vegetable gum a great looking joint is quick to make. In combination with RAW’s unbleached tips you have the most natural and additive-free smoking experience there is.

Want to Buy a Box of Long Raw Rolling Paper?

Raw Organic Connoisseur KS Slim rolling paperfrom RAW is not only available in individual packets but also by the box. We give you the option to stock up on rolling paper in an economic way because the more paper you buy the cheaper it becomes. Don’t hesitate any longer and just order a whole box. That will save you a whole lot of bother.


  • RAW Connoisseur Organic Rolling Paper
  • King-size slim format
  • Dimensions: 110 x 44 mm
  • Made from unbleached hemp
  • 32 papers and 32 tips per packet of RAW Connoisseur
  • 24 packets of long paper per box

About RAW

RAW is one of the largest smoking brands in the world. The brand makes only natural and environmentally friendly products. They are gluten-free, chlorine-free and not made from genetically modified plants. 100% vegan-friendly. In RAW’s range you will find authentic and non-refined smoking materials such as rolling papers, tips, cones, rolling trays and accessories. Through its range, RAW endeavours to create a true smoker’s lifestyle and thus features a lot of merchandising products. As well as the smoking materials and merchandise, there is also a genuine RAW Foundation which promotes equality for all mankind. The foundation organises different charitable projects in poor countries.

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Brand RAW
Size King-Size Slim
Length Filter tip 59
Unbleached Yes
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RAW Connoisseur Organic Hemp Papers and Tips | King-Size Slim

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