Kanna Extract UB40 [Sceletium tortuosum] 1 grams

Kanna Extract UB40 [Sceletium tortuosum] 1 grams
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It’s now possible to vape Kanna with Kanna Extract UB40! This extract is coarser than other Kanna extracts, so it’s excellent for vaping. Vape the herbs at a temperature between 180 and 190°C and within 5 minutes you will start to experience the relaxing and stimulating effects in your body. Whether you’re at a festival, chilling in the woods or at home on the sofa, Kanna always ensures positivity. Grab your vaporizer and just start vaping. Guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

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Kanna Extract UB40

Kanna Extract UB40 is coarser than other extracts. The extract has been specially developed for use in a vaporizer. Are you enchanted by Kanna and do you make regular use of a vaporizer? Then this Kanna variety is going to make you happy.


Kanna, also known as Sceletium tortuosum, is a herb which originates in Africa. It’s been used for thousands of years by native tribes to counter thirst, tiredness and hunger. It was also used as a stimulant and for spiritual purposes. Nowadays, people use Kanna to reduce stress and anxiety. Kanna also has a stimulating and relaxing effect. Moreover, it improves your mood and in some cases promotes sexual sensations. Kanna is usually snorted, chewed or drunk as tea.

Effects of Kanna Extract UB40

  • Relaxing
  • Stimulating
  • More social cohesion
  • Increases libido

Vaping Kanna

Vaping kanna is not something which is done every day. In general Kanna extracts are very fine which means they are not suitable for vaping in a vaporizer. However, this extract is coarser which makes it good for vaping. Vaping Kanna works outstandingly well. The effects will be felt in your body within 5 minutes. The taste of Kanna Extract UB40 can be described as bitter and earthy.

Use and dosage

You vape Kanna Extract UB40 at a temperature of approximately 180-190 ° C. A temperature between those values is ideal for vaping the herbs. If you are vaping Kanna for the first time we recommend you start with 25 mg. You can always increase the dose at any time. The recommended dosage for experienced Kanna users is 40 - 60 mg.

In principle you can vape Kanna anywhere. At home on the sofa with friends or on your own, but you can also vape Kanna at a party or festival of course. Choose your favourite place to relax even better with Kanna.

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Safely enjoy Kanna

Kanna has a special psychoactive effect. We call Kanna a Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). Read this disclaimer to use Kanna safely.

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