Kanna extract 10X [Sceletium tortuosum] (Mystic Herbs) 1 gram

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You may know the herb Kanna under the name Sceletium tortuosum or chewable. You can snort it, vape it and drink it as tea. This temporarily improves your mood, gives you more energy and you feel more connected to your surroundings. Moreover, you become less anxious. A great natural party drug, but also great for use at home. Just don't combine it with medication. Check what kanna can do for you with this 10x strong extract. You get one gram kanna extract per package.

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The Kanna 10x extract is an extract of Kanna which is 10 times stronger than the normal Kanna. This Kanna 10X extract is made from high quality dried Kanna from South Africa. Kanna is also known by the names ‘Channa’ and ‘kougoed’ and comes from the plant Scelectium Tortuosum, originally found in South Africa. The plant is modified so that in powder form it can be vaporized, snorted or chewed.

Effect Kanna extract 10x

Kanna improves your mood and reduces anxiety. Anxious feelings are removed and your mood is improved. At higher doses one gets euphoric feelings and the connection with the environment is more intense. At first, the user will feel a mild stimulating effect and after about 1 hour the effect is actually more relaxing. Some users of Kanna notice an improvement of the libido and a higher sensibility of touch.

Use of Kanna extract 10x

Kanna extract can be chewed and snorted, but can also be drunk as tea. When using the extract, use a tenth of what is recommended when using ordinary Kanna. We recommend the following units: For a cup of tea use 20mg Kanna extract and when you chew it with chewing gum, 5 to 15 mg extract is sufficient.

Components Kanna extract 10x

The active ingredients are mesembrine, mesembrenone, mesembrenol and tortuosamine. Mesembrine, the main alkaloid, is a serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI).

Mystic Herbs

Mystic herbs is a brand that stands for the distribution of natural plants and extracts that somehow positively influence us. From invigorating cola nut, to the aphrodisiac damiana. The range includes uppers and downers, as well as aphrodisiacs and slightly psychedelic herbs from all over the world. These herbs have often been used by indigenous peoples for millennia. Now they can simply be ordered online at Dutch-Headshop. Enjoy the power of nature!

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Kanna extract 10X [Sceletium tortuosum] (Mystic Herbs) 1 gram

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