Glass Dabbing / DMT pipe (Black Leaf) 13 cm

Glass Dabbing / DMT pipe (Black Leaf) 13 cm
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Please note: assorted colour - you will receive a random colour.

Beautiful dabbing / DMT pipe by Black Leaf in various colours with which you can smoke / vape all kinds of things. The dabbing / DMT pipe is 135 mm long and the diameter of the opening is 12 mm. You can use 12 mm screens to put something on it or use a carb cap that is 12 mm or slightly larger. With a carb cap you limit the air supply for a thicker hit. This beautiful pipe is decorated with a coloured piece of glasswork in the shape of a spiral. At the bottom of the bowl a roll stopper is attached in the same colour. This prevents your pipe from rolling off the table. Handy! Order it now.

Black Leaf


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Please note: assorted colour - you will receive a random colour.

Whatever you call a pipe; DMT pipe, pure pipe, crack pipe, base pipe, vaporizer pipe or glass weed pipe; it's all the same idea. A glass pipe with a ball in it to vaporize concentrates or crystals of some kind. Because it is made of tempered borosilicate glass, you can vaporise anything with it. Weed, hash, rosin, wax, DMT; you name it. Put a little bit of your favourite drug in the ball and heat the bottom. Simple and effective!

Specifications DMT Pipe / Base pipe:

  • Assorted colours
  • Glass pipe for smoking or vaping
  • Also commonly called base pipe, DMT pipe, pure pipe, crack pipe or vaporizer pipe.
  • Suitable for weed, hash, herbs, weed oil, DMT, dabs and more
  • Made from borosilicate glass
  • Length: 13.5 cm
  • Diameter opening / screens: 12 mm

Smoking or Vaping

All the above-named smoking materials can not only be combusted / smoked. With this simple looking weed pipe you can also vape them! It’s up to you. The only difference it makes is how you heat it. Do you want to combust the contents of your base pipe? Then hold the flame above the opening of the bowl and inhale. The flame will go into the bowl and combust the smoking material. Do you want to use it as a vaporizer pipe? To smoke DMT, for instance? In that case you need a torch lighter with blue flame. Heat the bowl by holding the flame to the bottom, watch the vapour develop and inhale.

Gas or Storm lighter

To use the Glass Dabbing / DMT Pipe you need a lighter. We recommend that you use a lighter with a blue flame. This helps in keeping the pipe’s original color and the glass does not go black. You can of course order these lighters with you. Use the recommended products.

About Black Leaf 

Black Leaf has been designing and producing smoking wares such as bongs, grinders, vaporizers and much more for over 20 years. The German company works closely with production partners around the world and is continuously designing new products to keep up with market trends in its own design bureau. In addition to its many innovations, Black Leaf’s variety of products in each segment makes it a unique brand for smoking wares. And all from its own production. Guaranteed quality, direct from the manufacturer.

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Additional Information
AvailabilityIn Stock
BrandBlack Leaf
Dimensions13,5 cm
MaterialBorosilicate Glass

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